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    *SOLVED* Still Asleep

    So When OS X Sleeps, It takes the contents of your RAM, and dumps it into a file called "sleepimage" located in /Private/var/vm/ incase of power loss, so when you turn it back on, it restores that image back onto your ram. So I'm assuming because im running a hackintosh, and not a legit mac, the whole dumping of the ram didnt work out so well, so it would do that loading bar thing, and restart because it couldn't do it properly. Long story short, all I had to do was delete the "sleepimage" file
  2. timstupid22

    *SOLVED* Still Asleep

    So here's the deal. I installed 10.6.3 on my Toshiba M115-S3154 today. Ive got a GMA950 27a2 Graphics card with vanilla kexts and the efi boot string I installed sleepenabler.kext to my /Extra/Extensions/ Folder, and I rebooted I then proceeded to test out its ability to sleep. It went to sleep just fine, and then when I closed the lid and opened it up again, it woke up, but the screen was black/sleeping. I tried hitting random keys, plugging in a monitor, etc to try and wake the display up. I resorted to doing a force shutdown, and when I tried to boot it back up again, I got a grayed out screen of what I was doing, and there was a little progress bar at the bottom. The bar filled up, and then it restarted. How do I "wake" it back up? (Screens Attached)
  3. After using varying combination of drivers and appleinteregatedframbuffer.kext's, i believe i have found a fully functioning combination which includes: no mouse trailing or artifacts and QE Support Hop on Over to the thread i started Here and try em out
  4. I Would like everyone to know i might have solved the Intel GMA950 Mouse Trailing and Artifact issue. i havent really done anything except use a combination of drivers i have accumulated over the time. I Have just gotten this working for me, and i have had little time to test them out. Below i have included a nice little zip file containing all of the drivers. Just pop them into Kext Helper, and you should have it working. There is QE Support, And Full Resolution Support (At least for me, I can get 1280x800) Drivers Used: The GMA950 drivers i found as a backup on my drive (i had the 950 working before, but i wrote over it when i updated to 10.5.8) and the Appleinteregatedframebuffer.kext is from the leopard graphics update Please give feedback Working_GMA950.zip
  5. timstupid22

    updating to 10.5.8

    i figured out how to do it. i downloaded the pre/post patch for 10.5.7 here: Patches (its in the forum, and its not a big forum) then i downloaded the 10.5.8 combo update. i ran the pre patch, restarted, then ran the 10.5.8 combo update before i restarted, i ran the post install patch, and it did its thing. i restarted, and it failed miserably (because it was using the vanilla kernel, which isnt compatible with my system) i restarted and booted with the sleep kernel (i think) and booted with these flags: -x -f -c -v (or something along those lines) and it booted successfully into safe mode. i restarted, and it booted regularly into 10.5.8 i haven't had the time to test everything out though, but all i know is that it works
  6. timstupid22

    updating to 10.5.8

    I have kalyway 10.5.2 installed on my pc, and i was wondering how i would go about updating it to 10.5.8? ive searched for hours on end, and i havent been able to find anything myself.
  7. I recently discovered chameleon boot loader, and i wanted to install it. i have 2 osx drives, an internal one, and an external one. my external one is my main one, and has everything working on it. i cloned all the important system files and stuff from external to internal using carbon copy cloner. naturally, it doesn't copy over a boot loader for whatever reason. so i booted up into my external, and installed chameleon onto the internal. all worked well. i downloaded chameleon from the internal, and then proceeded to install it on the external, which already had darwin boot loader. i rebooted, and i get a screen with about 6 lines of random symbols and characters. ive tried re installing it, and still no luck. how do i completely remove darwin, so chameleon stops trippin out? i forgot to mention, my external drive is a 1tb western digital my book. i installed rc2 on it, and im working on rc3
  8. timstupid22

    Hangs on boot

    So I Have a fully working kalyway 10.5.2 installation on an external hd. i took the hd to school, and tried to boot one of the computers off of it. it got to the part right after the grey apple logo with the spinning wheel, and it blacked out and did nothing. i held the power button down, and tryed to boot off of it again, it didn't work. so i brought it home, and now when i try to boot from it, it just goes to the apple logo with the spinning wheel, and does nothing else. it sits there and the light on the external hd still spins, and it reads from it, but i left it there for 10 min. and nothing happened. is there any way to *fix* what i might have broken? or *fix* the installation?
  9. timstupid22

    toshiba realtek drivers

    does anyone have drivers that work for the realtek alc862 on a toshiba m115 s3154? thanks