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  1. Decklink Blackmagic install

    Thanks for the response Ninetto, I haven't tried with Tiger, I'm only running Leopard. I'm just backing up my system drive now so I can try an install with the boot 132 that's just come out. (I have no idea whether that will make a difference but I wanted to try it out anyway so...). But once I've done that I'll install Tiger on another drive and give that a go. Even so the card could work on a G5 or an older mac pro with PCI slots running Leopard so I don't think it would make a difference. Perhaps you can correct me on that? The card I've brought is only available in PCI, it's the cheapest one, to get one with PCIe I've have to spend another £100/$200.
  2. Decklink Blackmagic install

    Hi, I've just installed a Decklink PCI card and not getting much joy from it. Here's what happens; I plug it in and boot up - fine, I install the drivers and boot up - it hangs at the login screen but before the login box appears and I have to restart. While is this state the reference monitor I've plugged in through a bnc cable goes from no signal to static and electric hum. So there is some signal going through. I can boot up in safe mode and login but the card doesn't work at all. Although I can see the preference pane, all the options are greyed out. Also if I open any Blackmagic software it tells me I don't have the hardware installed. If I uninstall the drivers and leave the card in it boots up normally and if I leave the drivers installed and take the card out it boots up normally. Any ideas what I can do, any kext files I could make changes to? I have no experience of that but I could learn. Anyone who has overcome problems with Decklink in the past? What did you do? Any help greatly appreciated. Rzufall, did it work out of the box? What driver and OS version you running?
  3. Hey Bobdotorg, I'm going to build a hackintosh next month and was looking at a very similar setup to yours, same mobo, cpu and the 8800gt. I also wanted to use it for Final cut, motion etc. How did you get on? which GPU did you go for. cheers