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  1. Custom DSDT for Dell Studio 1555, OSX 10.9

    I also have a Dell studio 1555 with a ATI 4570 Radon Mobility but cant get QE/CI to work under 10.9 how did u create your custom framebuffer/Clover injection? is it possible for you to upload your modified Kext for this and also for the Audio as i have searched everywhere but cant get either of these to work! I did find the network kext you mentioned and now have internet!! thank you Keith
  2. I have recently installed Maverick on my Dell Studio 1555, however after trying: changing AMD4600controller.kext with a hex editor (creating a custom personality) , rebuilding Chameleon bootloader (2.2) from xcode after modifying ati.c with { 0x9553, 0x02BE1028, CHIP_FAMILY_RV710, "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570", kShrike }, I still cannot get QI/CE to work. has anyone else with same system been able to get full QI/CE working? any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Keith