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  1. New error. I boot from usb and i see this error now. In clover i just install all drivers64 and rc on target. update: F***....... This error was without my config.plist and kext 10.12. If i put my config.plist and kext as the guide said i see the same error with red letters. What i'm doing wrong????? Please help....
  2. I used this options only. If i try clover in the ESP what changes need to make to my bios?
  3. Ok let me know if you have any news. I will try to change now to 13,1 update: not working again.... pffff the same error. hmmmm how can i see this???
  4. Yes with my old graphic card if i had the DSDT file it wasn't boot. If i was deleted i boot but with no full hd
  5. I try with new clover. The same error. I try with your config.plist. The same error again. I try with lily and nvidia kext. The same error. What i'm doing wrong? Here is my clover file without nvidia kext. Can you see anything wrong????? CLOVER.zip
  6. I have this one Clover_v2.4k_r4128 but i will try again with yours
  7. Yes i make new with this kext on 10.12 folder. The same error. after that i put in other folder and the same error again. What the f*** is wrong now?
  8. Yes. First i try with your plist. The same error. after i input the kext but again the same error
  9. I get the same error with lilu and with nvidia kext on 10.12 folder.
  10. Nope... The same error when i put in 10.12 Now i will try to other. But i didn't know what is Lilu and can i do with this kext. update: the same error with other folder update 2: this is my clover file. Can you see if i have anything wrong? CLOVER.zip
  11. With this card Gigabyte geforce gt 710 2gb n710sl 2gl what changes should to make on my config.plist to boot normaly? config.plist.zip
  12. Can you suggest me any bluetooth device to connect my apple trackpad and keyboard?