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  1. Hello. I just want to show you a method for running almost all not working/not working properly Mobility Radeons 5xxx and maybe 6xxx. Even with laptops with 1600x900. Why that card doesn't work properly? Because of Chamelon. It's GraphicsEnabler just injects to system information about graphics card, framebuffer what to use etc. It's use a desktop framebuffers to mobility cards. Because of this most cards working with a EDID injection. It's a screen mirrored from VGA - when you connect VGA, you see same image as on LVDS. If even framebuffer patch not working, that's because Apple kexts can't catch EDID from your screen. And no, injecting it with normal method will not work. I suggest you using a modified ATY_Init instead od Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler. This one from attachment is configured for Radeon 5650M (DevID 0x68C1). If you using this card, then just change EDID in Info.plist of this kext and here you go - your graphics will be working. But if you use different card, you must change 0x68C1 to 0x1234, where 1234 is DevID of your card. This change you must do with hexeditor. Edit file Contents/MacOS/ATY_Init in kext. Then you must change your EDID. EDID is in value AAPL00,override-no-connect . If you will to have a fully working graphics (with DVD Player etc) you must patch your framebuffer. There is many good tutorials about it, so I don't be talking about it. After you patched framebuffer, must you change any reference to ATY,RadeonFramebuffer to ATY,YourFramebuffer in Info.plist in ATY_Init.kext. That's all. Your graphics will be fully working. Tested on: - eMachines E730G, Radeon 5470M, 1366x768 (fully working with sleep!) - Sony Vaio VPCEC3M1E, Radeon 5650, 1600x900 - Asus K72DR (AMD), HD 5470M, 1600x900 Sorry for my very bad English, I just don't want to use translator. Cheers, Mietas ATY_Init.kext.zip
  2. ACPI Backlight Driver

    I have other problem with this kext. Brightness bar in System Preferences works well, same as dim after disconnecting AC, but if I try to change brightness with a new combination of keys (Fn+F12 and Fn+Pause) I see the change brightness image but no effect. Anyone have a tip for me? eMachines E730G, Radeon HD 5470, AppleBacklightDisplay loaded, all methods in DSDT exists.
  3. Display Sleep problem (still)

    I have other problem with display sleep. Display is going to sleep, but don't wake up. After trying of waking I have kernel panic and restart. I don't see this KP. Anyone can help?
  4. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 For All in one Desktop.

    Just try to boot using Clover: options InjectEDID, LoadVBIOS and framebuffer RadeonFramebuffer. If it's work, then you must prepare your own personality and ATY_Init or stay with using Clover.
  5. First tries

    In SystemVersion.plist you need change 10.8 to 10.7.
  6. RadeonFramebuffer is an automatic detection of connections in graphic card. If I use this, it will detect LVDS, HDMI and VGA fine, but LVDS stay black without backlight, unfortunately.
  7. 5470 HD Mobility Framebuffer Patch

    I have same problem but on eMachines E730G (1366x768). With ControlFlags=0x10 it's working fine, but if I set ControlFlags=0x40 screen is black with backlight enabled. I can't solve this. Anyone know how to solve this problem? @Title101: Have you VGA working?
  8. [100% Working] ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

    For me all works fine except wake from sleep. I'm using 10.7.2 11C37 actually.
  9. [100% Working] ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

    You must have 10.7 Lion with vanilla kexts. It's eMachines E730G ? Install 10.7 Lion, inject EDID, change resolution using VNC and voila - it's working. Framebuffer Hoolock. At this time not working is HDMI and VGA - I working on it.
  10. ATI 4650 Mobility on Sony FW450J/B -- almost there?

    First: inject your EDID - here is tutorial. After this, you have 2 options: 1. your LVDS screen will be working - it's good 2. your LVDS screen will be still black - your EDID is not injected, or is injected but OS can't set max resolution. Connect via VNC to your system and change resolution.
  11. OK, for me it's working too... I think that the ControlFlags is important for screen to function correctly, but when I set ControlFlags to properly for LVDS, my LVDS screen is don't recognized anymore. I try with ATY_Init.
  12. What framebuffer you patch? Please test sleep EDIT: Can you post your log from IORegistryExplorer?
  13. You doing it wrong. You must inject EDID in DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e and DisplayProductID-717.
  14. I think that SleepEnabler is only for enabling sleep on systems without DSDT, but I have fully patched DSDT with patched GFX section (i have nice sh** in this section ). Of course I try SleepEnabler, never before I don't try this. My screen without EDID is... black, because of lack of resolution. Try EDID inject, Hoolock framebuffer, and change resolution with VNC - for me it's working fine.