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  1. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    still waiting for the miracle, ....., i hope one day, some day i will be able to see my dell 6400 in more than 1158x845 resolution......1440x900 for example. so please, as soon as somebody find a solution, post it here, pleaseeeeeeeeee
  2. ATi x1400 con leopard 10.5.2, dell inspiron 6400

    hola derty, yo creo que eso no es el driver, digo, que no lo hace totalmente funcional a la tarjeta, ya vi en tu otro threat que empezastes que tan solo cambie lo del QE, eso ya lo tengo, lo que no se consigue es aumentar la resolucion de 1152x864

    hola, pues veo que todavia no hay driver para la x1400 yo tambien busco cambiar mi resolucion, no consigo ir mas de 1152x864, mi portatil es un dell 6400 alguien tiene idea de como poder subir la resolucion ademas de lo dicho ya aqui? gracias de antemano
  4. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    Thanks justinjja, I read in forums that the x1400 is much better than the go 7300, but what about the go7400, can i change my x1400 for a nvidia go 7400? I will do a search in internet for my quest, but really, it is a pity that my laptop works so great with leopard and i can not have my good display resolution anymore, i need a solution, i hope that the driver for the x1400 is coming up but in any case, i will check the possibility to change my x1400 in my dell for another one that works better with leopard in case the driver x1400 is only a dream.
  5. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    Ok, I am new with my Leopard 10.5.2, vainilla kernel in my Dell 6400 and our famous x1400: Questions that i still have after 3 days reading in this forum: 1.- I can not go more than 1152x864 but with QE ( I add 1440x900 in my apple.Boot.plist), is it not possible to get more resolution with my configuration, is it a dell problem? 2.- How can I go with more resolution in an external display and QE? I would like to see again my 1440x900 in my laptop without winXP 3.- do we know if anybody is developing a driver for our x1400? 4.- is there a way to update the firmware of the x1400 or change it for a nvidia in my dell 6400? Thanks for sharing all your wisdom with me
  6. ATi x1400 con leopard 10.5.2, dell inspiron 6400

    gracias, yo tambien he estado buscando como loco en internet y nada de nada, seguire probando, reinstalando y leyendor por los forums de internet, si os entarais de algo nuevo, dejarlo por aqui dicho, porfi gracias de nuevo
  7. x1400 kext/driver

    Yes, I get resolution but to 1150x800. I still don´t understand why i can not get the QE, what i am doing wrong? Dell 6400 in Kalyway 10.5.2 with kernel 9.22 speed and i didnt installed any graphy card from the customize installation. I changed the id in the nano /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext/Contents/info.plist then sudo -s chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX1000.kext rm -r /System/Library/Extensions.mkext and then sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1400x1050x32</string> But i get only this 1150x800 resolution, anything else, no QE, no more resolution Any ideas? what i am missing to do? thanks
  8. Hallo Sonotone, thanks for this idea. I installed the build 0.2.3b, and after restart i get the error message "System extension cannot be used"; The system extension "/System/Library/Extesnsions/ATIRAdeonX1000.kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contat the product´s vendor for an update. And my Quarty Exterme is not supported My setup is: Dell inspiron 6400 + kalyway 10.5.2 + kernel (i don´t remember the name, was the secon option, the one for laptops) -Cpu: Intel T7200....................= working (cpus=1 ) -Graphic:ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 ..= working but WITHOUT QE, I need help for that -sound: Sigmatel 9200...........= working (AppleHda patcher) -Usb/Firewire...........................= working (out of the box) -Ethernet:.....= working
  9. x1400 kext/driver

    ok, I did it, I reinstall the whole Leopard 10.5.2 without ATI x1000 drivers in the install option. I see everything well, but i can not get the Quartz enable, and yes, i did the change id thing and after that the whole chmod and chwon, rm thing. Help please, i need to install my programs and i can not becuase of the Quartz and virtual memory, How can i set up my x1400 in my kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 inside a Dell 6400 laptop? thanks
  10. X1400

    the same for me i don´t get it in my dell 6400 with this id change. any ideas? or do we know if anybody is working in a new driver for the x1400?
  11. X1400 Quartz enabled?

    Hi, I have a laptop dell inspiron 6400 with our famous x1400 and, really i couldn´t get the QE. I did this id change 4175 but it looks like it is ignored I have leopard 10.5.2, what i did was in the installation i chose the ATiRadeon mobility x1000 series. Perhaps should i reinstall without this driver from setup? thanks
  12. x1400 kext/driver

    Hi Charlie, I have a Dell6400 like you, but with leopard 10.5.2 I didn´t get the QE for my x1400, ja, I was doing all those changing with the id. Do you have your x1400 with QE? I did the installation with the Ati x1000 series drivers, peharps i should try without graphic drivers
  13. Hola a todos, soy nuevo en todo esto, pero tranquilos, he sido un chico aplicado y me he estudiado bien todo, despues de un buen fin de semana intenso he conseguido que instalar leopard 10.5.2 en mi laptop dell 6400, eso si, despues de probar distintos kernels y parches. En fin, que no consigo poner mi tarjeta grafica Ati mobility x1400 en QE, mira que he hecho todo lo hecho y por haber, sobre todo el tema ese de poner mi Id en ATIRadeonX1000.kext. Alguien tiene alguna experiencia con este modelo de portatil y leopard 10.5.2? yo instale la distribucion de Kalyway 10.5.2 Os digo, todo va como la seda, fluido, rapido, genial, pero no consigo que mi tarjeta grafica trabaje con QE Gracias a todos