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  1. so, just for the record, this wont work for us 10.5.x'ers will it? no biggie, just wandering if there is any point in me submitting logs
  2. If you could build the latest 3945 kext and network selector it would be greatly appreciated. i would download xcode but my internet is so {censored} atm. its orange's fault
  3. then build us a kext with the networkselektor for us to test with i would but i cant download xcode atm (bad internet speeds), might be able to tonight though
  4. Ok, i couldn't wait. (3945) here are my Logs. i had a random Kernel panic on my 3rd reboot, so i just rebooted again and all was fine. i dont see this card showing up anywhere though (does it not load for me?) Meh, i could care less, what with elite coderz on the case Cheers All_3_Reboot_Logs.zip
  5. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuuu sooo much!!! Seriously though. i have the 3945 and by god i am so happy that you guys are putting your time and effort into this. I will test and submit my logs as soon as i can (iv been up all night, need sleep first) i have an acer 4202, and it will be so friggin happy with you guys.. eeeeeeeee i cant wait, but will happily look forward to testing.
  6. Easy Update to 10.4.8

    Ok! Thanks. that now works, its slower than my 10.4.7 install though.. but my realtek HD audio dosent work (dosent show up), also my ethernet isnt working, the preference pane crashes, about this mac sees my onboard ethernet, i just dont get any link, though the link light is on... weird..
  7. Easy Update to 10.4.8

    well after 2 days of reinstalling OSX i dont think this is the method for me.. im using the Acer Travelmate 4202 it uses the intel core duo 1.66Ghz T23000 no matter which kernel i use i get kernel panics at bootup, i have tried booting in verbose mode but it crashes at slightly different times.. dunno what to do now, i will try a few more times...