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  1. Mine freezes right there, too, Chevelle. I did a little investigating and discovered it's that I have to disable ACPI (which OSX then "discovers") for my other installs to work (I get ACPI kernel panics) and it doesn't appear to like that at all any more. That's the issue facing me at the moment. I hope it's any help to you or that maybe someone might be able to guide me in a right direction...
  2. Kernel Panic!

    I know this might sound stupid and I'm certainly not calling you anything bad, but did you try going into your BIOS and disabling ACPI? I know at some point OSX started panicing when it was checking it out in my BIOS, so I disabled it and OSX re-enables it, or runs its own brand, something like that. When ACPI is enabled in the BIOS, I get a panic. When its disabled, OSX tells me it found something, and continues to load. It's worth a shot, if you haven't already tried it.
  3. I was wondering if anyone might have a solution to this. I recently installed WinXP x64 and the Linksys WUSB54GSv2 I have didn't have a supported driver (naturally for Linksys). In doing a little research, I discovered that the Belkin F5D7051 and the Linksys both share the same chipset, a Broadcom. There's a fix for the Broadcom with using the Belkin, and if the Belkin works, then shouldn't the Linksys too? I'm sorry if this question has been asked and I'm beating a dead horse, I just don't understand the OSX system of drivers yet. My Config: AMD Sempron 3000+ ECS 760GX-M (V1.1) 1 GB DDR-400 SiS 7012 Sound (Working) ATi Radeon 9800 XT (Working) Kensington Bluetooth dongle (worked out the box) OSx86 10.4.5 (50 GB on a 150 GB USB Hard drive, other partition FAT32) Windows XP x64 (80 GB ATA Master)