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  1. Hi, no matter what i try i always get a very fast KP at boot mentioning something about: /Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Source any idea what this is? Thanks, Asher
  2. asher_ungar

    Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    i only have DVI. thinking now maybe i didn't take the correct kexts from DP2? I took: AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext and AppleIntelHD*.kext is that correct? also, should i add anything to the clover boot besides inject intel? Thanks
  3. asher_ungar

    Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    Hi, i was able to get my integrated Intel HD4600 on Yosemite DP5 using the kext's from DP2 (+Inject Nvidia set to true in clover, without inject UDID or a fake ID). however, whenever my screen goes to sleep, upon wakeup the graphics are out of focus, i have to either turn off-on the monitor, search for source, play around a bit and it all goes back to normal (don't need to reboot). anyone else facing these issues? Thanks, Asher
  4. asher_ungar

    Photostream not working?

    anyone else can't get photo stream to work on iPhoto under Yosemite? i keep getting error message "iPhoto was unable to connect to iCloud photos". (App Store, iBooks are working fine..) Thanks,
  5. hi, just wanted to say that the same kext from Maverick DP8 work great on 10.10 DP. get them from my post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292483-fixed-nvidia-9400gt-1024mb-on-109-gm/
  6. Hi, anyone get mysql server (community) to properly work on 10.10? i can't install the "startup item", and it doesn't always start the server. and can't have it start when i log in.. any ideas? Thanks
  7. asher_ungar

    [Fixed] nVidia 9400gt 1024MB on 10.9 GM

    here you go - hope it helps! NVD-Kext-Mavericks-DP8.zip
  8. Hi all, Wanted to share my small success. After updating from 10.9 DP8 to 10.9 GM my graphics card (nVidia 9400gt 1024MB) stopped working properly - was not recognized by any method (enablers/efi). Finally in some last attempt I copied all NVD*.kext from /S/L/E of DP8 to the GM I have installed ( had it on time machine). That, together with GraphicsEnabler=Yes of chameleon, I got it working!! Maybe this will help more people with the same issue. Good luck!
  9. asher_ungar

    10.7.2 update issues

    @auqs10 - thanks!! worked perfectly, i've been struggling all weekend!
  10. asher_ungar

    Another 10.7.2 problem

    Hi, i have the same exact problem, this looks promising: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=270225 look at auqs10 reply. i haven't gotten a chance to try it yet though..
  11. asher_ungar

    [question]10.7 installation on Cartri modified BIOS

    Ok, scratch that.... VOODOOHDA suddenly gives me kernel panics - it worked the first boot, now always panics even if i re-install it. any ideas for ALC 889a ? thanks
  12. asher_ungar

    [question]10.7 installation on Cartri modified BIOS

    ok got it all to work!! here's what i did... installed using mald0n's method (sticky post). I'm using a cartri modified BIOS (GA-EP45T-UD3R) 1. for network i copied over from my SL install "S/L/E/IONetworkingFamily.kext" to same location on Lion (i have a Realtek 8111C) 2. for sound i installed voodoo HDA (i have ALC 889a) 3. for graphics - this is weird but it worked.. (i have a Nvidia GT9400 1024MB) i set GraphicsEnabler=Yes in boot loader and also i needed a DSDT.aml in my /E/E so "DSDT auto patcher" didn't work for some reason but on that same page there's a "HDEF Gigabyte" patcher - which is for sound, but i took the DSDT that it generated, put it in /E/E and viola - full screen detection. full resolution (pretty sure QE/CI is enabled too...looks great!) thats it.. Thanks everybody !
  13. asher_ungar

    [question]10.7 installation on Cartri modified BIOS

    Hi johncool, i seem to have many problems i've installed Lion on another hard drive and it booted.. but, no sound, no network, graphics is not recognized well and im with a smaller screen than my actual screen size.. i tried copying "extra" folder from my SL to Lion with no luck. can you suggest what to do here? thanks
  14. asher_ungar

    [question]10.7 installation on Cartri modified BIOS

    i am following mald0n's guide... im asking because i cant seem to boot from the USB (installed extra+chameleon on it..) just wanted to check it is not connected to me being on cartri bios. thanks
  15. Hi, has anyone successfully installed the 10.7 Lion GM on a modified Cartri BIOS for the Gigabyte motherboards? if so, is the "Extra" folder just copied from a snow leopard install? and is DSDT really needed? its not needed on a Snow installation. thanks for your replies Asher