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  1. Hey all. My new Mountain Lion 10.8.2 install is working pretty sweetly except when it goes to sleep..it does not wake. Requiring a re boot.. Any Ideas Installed from iAtkos 10.8.2
  2. Just an update.. I have removed the IDE dvd drive and uninstalled all unused sata/ide kext (including jmicron) So far so good .. system is stable.. Have had the memory usage up to 3.68 GB and CPU around 80%. No freezes so far..
  3. I can burn dvd's ok but once they are burnt and I close the tray with the newly burnt dvd the dvd disc is not recognized and the sata dvd drive is not visible in the finder or disk utilty. Once I reboot the physical drive again becomes visible? Any help Thanks
  4. I am trying to solve a problem where my hackintosh locks up when performing intensive cpu function like HD video encoding. I belive it may have soemthing to do with having 8GB of ram. I Have not tried the maxmem fix yet as I would like to have all my ram available. I read somewhere that I should try to remove the JMicron kext ( I have only SATA drives). But when I remove the JMicron kext the computer gets to the last satge of loading but the desktop does not appear. When I re install the JMicron kext all is OK ( except for the lockup on cpu intensive stuff).. What is the JMicron kext if I do not have any IDE drives why do I need it.. Any help.. Thanks
  5. The only kext I have is JMicronATA I have tried replacing the origianl kext with the modified one but my computer still crashes under intensive CPU activity?
  6. Successful D5400XS Skulltrail install.

    Hi Can you provide further details bout how you installed snow leopard on your skulltrail? What method did you use ? Thanks
  7. Can anyone suggest a fix. My dual processor machine has 8 cores but under 10.5.7 the activity monitor is only showing 1 core. Although the correct number of cpu's and cores appears in the system profiler? I am having problems with the computer locking up whith intensive cpu activity? Really would appreciate some advice Thanks all... Solved the activity monitor issue.. My ignorance was at fault. All I had to do was double click on the one graph in the activity monitor and it would open up tp show the 8 indiviual cores.. Now I just need to work out why the machine locks up with cpu intensive video encoding
  8. IS there some kind of log that I am missing? When the computer freezes where can I find info about what may hace caused it? Thanks
  9. Random Lock Ups

    Thanks for your input However I cannot find any PATA controller reference in the BIOS
  10. Solved..just had to click the activity monitor graph to expand and see all 8 cores.. Just need to fix the lockup now when encoding video My hackintosh is 99% stable.. Sometimes freezes when encoding HD video, perhaps to do with cpu intensity.. (If anyone can suggest a fix, would be good) Another issue is that the Activity Monitor is only showing 1 core, when I infact have 8 cores.. System Profiler shows these 8 cores but activity monior does not.. Any help
  11. I have built my super hackintosh A dual quad core zeon processor machine with 8GB of ram Speed test indicate similar specs to an intel power mac. I am editing HD video with Final Cut Pro.. The system is 99% stable, and this is the problem. Seems when I encode my videos, which is a very CPU intensive process, the computer freezes after a period of time. The mouse will not respond and I must reboot. Can anyone suggest anything I could try here. I am stumped on this one. No crash report is created so I dont know where to begin. I have a hunch that maybe the memory has something to do with it. But I have tested it and it seems fine.. Please can anyone help? Thanks all..
  12. Random Lock Ups

    I am running iAtkos 10.5.7 everything seems to work.. I am using Final Cut Pro to edit HD video also photshop CS4, Motion, DVD STudio pro etc.. am 99% happy.. But.. just occassionally the computer will lock up or freeze, forcing a reboot. No log files are created for the freeze..or none that I can find.. For instance just know final cut wa rendering video and compressor was encoding another video and when I use the mouse to scroll down a web page the computer froze..? Any ideas help or suggestions? Thanks
  13. I updated to 10.5.7 with iatkos.. everything installed fine with sound, graphics and networking all functioning without any additional patches.. The problem is my sata drives seem slow to access data Also I have one IDE dvd drive that is not functioning. I also have one sata dvd drives and this seems OK.. Any suggestions Thanks
  14. Successful D5400XS Skulltrail install.

    Can you tell me what method you used? Thanks
  15. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Hi all.. Cannot get this version to recognize my Nvidia 8600GTS, I have selected the nvidia drivers during install.. Have reverted to iAtkos ver 4i which works perfectly.. Strange that this version 5i should not.. Would it be pssibly do you think to find the appropraite kext file that deals with the nvidia card in the 4i ver and install it in the 5i version.. Thanks