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  1. After few problems re-installing again many many times seems to be now working properly all most everything, Display resolution 1440x900 now is very goood!, get installed LeopardGraphicsUpdate1.0 from apple site and inmediatly install AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext after that i rebooted my system and looks now very nice with core image hardware accelerated. Dual Core enabled on Bios working now for the moment. Sound = No more sound at the same from internal and external speakers, after plugin external in headphones jack is working very good and mute internal ones ! Mute button still doesn't work In fact related about my prior post wired Lan still doesn't work at all, I hope soon can be properly fixed or someone invent something related. Desktop Asus p5vd2-x based mainboard in that case big problem mounting USB ports, all the rest working . I tried to make with SuperDump an image of my hd partition to recover later the image but it doesn't worked for me. Once again many thanks to everyone here and sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm not a native
  2. Kalyway 10.5.2, Iatkos never worked for me Dell D620 INTEL CORE DUO 1.83 GHZ MEMORY 2 GB thank you very much all of you for helping people i'm new here. I been searching until 4 am yesterday for any possible solution about black screen after updating graphics from apple page. Why J?'s solution solved all my problems and now everything is working. Dell D620 - Display gma950 - 1440 x 900 - 32 bit color - Hardware accelerated yes (now is working properly) finally. Sound used Taruga's Patch Also Core duo enabled without any problems the computer works very good and fast once again many thanks for every one who make possible this fantastic thing , get installed MAC OSX86. sorry for my english i'm spanish!
  3. fantastic im wondering is working on a dell d620 everything lan, wireless, battery indicator and sound thank you very much all of you, im using a leopard vanilla kernel v. 10.5.2 in the beginning little problem with sound solved using taruga s patch. only one (sad) core dual core enabled from bios make cpu restarting all time.