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  1. Hi Guys.. This is my first post.. hello all.. Ive been having a few problems with setting up dual boot on my laptop.. lets start with current setup Ive got an ibm t40 with 10GB C: (primary) and 10GB D: (Logical). D: was 20GB so i shrank that to 10GB with pm and shrank the extended that it was in to leave me 10GB free space at the end.. I then booted dsl to create the af partition.. i then ran the installer.. (im having problems with IO errors here but this may be my dvd drive, as it take anything from 30 - 45 mins to get to install screens) and repaired my newly created partition (is this normal?) Once i had repaired and mounted the partition i went to install it.. but it told me OS X would not be able to start from this location.. and so i hit a brickwall.. Im assuming that its something to do with the af primary partition being located after an extended partition.. im in the process of trying to prove this by moving the extended partiton to the end of the disk.. and creating a new af one straight after C:.. but im doing a backup if D: first.. So while im waiting i thought i would share my experiances with you all and see if anybody knows of any other reason why it wont let me install that i dont know of yet.. and why does it take so bloody long to get to the install screen.. (ive been through that process twice now and with it taking that long i want to get it right this time ) Thanks Townfool EDIT: looks like i was right http://www.win2osx.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2688