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  1. toml_12953

    Snow Leopard Changing BIOS clock

    I wish I knew! I have a dual-boot Win 7/OS X 10.6.4 system and my time is set ahead 4 hours (I'm in Eastern time zone) every time I reboot to Win 7. Tom L
  2. toml_12953

    Gulftown Hackintosh in the Wild?

    I only have one processor but it's a Gulftown (Core i7 980X). I'm running 10.6.4 on it with only one problem (sound and video aren't synced anymore - see my post on the subject). I had a Core i7 720 when I installed OS X 10.6.0 and updated my software to 10.6.4. I then swapped out the 920 for the 980X and 10.6.4 runs with Ethernet, video and the glitchy sound. I did discover that 10.6.0 won't install on Gulftown but if you can do the upgrade route as described above, it works. When Apple ships retail 10.6.4 or later, the install problem will go away.
  3. I installed SL 10.6 from a retail DVD using Empire EFI and did subsequent software updates to 10.6.4. I then swapped out my CPU from a Core i7 920 to a Core i7 980X. I'm using the latest VoodooHDA from kexts.com. Now when I play .mp4s, the sound and video are out of sync and the playback stops before the end of the video. Was this caused by the CPU upgrade? I'm running a 32-bit kernel since even when I modify the apple plist, I only get 32-bit anyway. I have 12 GB RAM in a Dell XPS 9000. Is there anyone else who had a similar problem and solved it? If so how? Thanks for any help you might be able to give. Tom L
  4. toml_12953

    Mother of all motherboards

    I can't wait to do some word processing on it. My typing will be faster than ever before! Tom L
  5. Maybe Snow Leopard doesn't know about the 860 yet. So far, I've I gotten a little farther than that. Here's my system: Dell Studio XPS 9000, Core i7-920 processor, 12 GB RAM, nVidia GTX 275 graphics. I'm using a Retail Snow Leopard install disk. I've found that I need to specify only one CPU in the VM and allocate no more than 2 GB RAM to it. If I try more than one CPU, the install freezes but VirtualBox is still running. If I specify more than 2 GB RAM, VirtualBox itself crashes. Once I fix those two parameters, I can get past the on-screen Darwin messages and all the way to a solid gray screen with a spinning rainbow wheel. OS X goes no farther when I reach there. I don't know how close to actually running OS X I am but have heard that OS X server is the only version that works well when virtualized so maybe I'll get a copy of that to try. Does anyone else have any ideas? I really like the idea of being able to run OS X programs in a window while running Windows programs so I'd like to be able to make this work.
  6. Of course they have to say that for legal reasons. Here's a quote from their Website: "Whereas competing solutions perform modifications to the OS X install DVDs (e.g. different boot loader and replaced files), VirtualBox is the first product to provide the modern PC architecture expected by OS X without requiring any "hacks"." Why would you need any "hacks" if you were running an Apple host?
  7. The latest revision of VirtualBox (3.20) lets you create an OS X virtual machine in Windows and supposedly install a retail disc with no hacking. Has anyone tried it? Does it work? I'll be trying it later tonight. Let's see what happens!
  8. How long before we can actually use it to look up info?
  9. Does this one include all the printer drivers that are on the original Retail disk?
  10. toml_12953

    Maximum RAM in new iMac

    The question is: Can the iMac actually use the faster RAM? Remember that RAM rating is a maximum, not necessarily the speed at which the RAM is actually accessed. For example: Putting 800 MHz RAM on a motherboard that can only access RAM at 667 MHz won't increase performance at all. You might as well get the slower, cheaper RAM in that case.
  11. toml_12953

    XxX Mac OS X 10.5.6 stuck after installation

    Sorry if this is too simplistic a question but did you check the MD5 checksum and burn the DVD at the lowest speed? Tom Lake
  12. The current version of the XxX 10.5.6 Leo Install Disc Rev 1 is great! I've used it to install on both my Dell Vostro 200 at work and my infamous Intel DG965WH motherboard at home and in both cases, it had all the drivers I needed for full QE/QGL video, 5.1 sound, Ethernet connection. It also comes with a good selection of utility programs such as Kext Helper, OSX86Tools, etc. This install was so easy, it's almost boring! No hunting down drivers (except for the maccam driver to use my Logitech webcam at home; the Phillips webcam I use at work is already supported and doesn't need maccam), no panics, no strange behavior that I can see. I now dual-boot Windows 7 and OS X and am spending more and more time in OS X than in Windows. The dual-boot software is another no-brainer: EasyBCD. It's free, runs in Windows and already has that boot choice. All you do is click on the tab for the other OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) you want to add as an alternate boot choice and it finds and makes all changes necessary. No command lines, no having to know what hard drive and/or partition anything is on. It's totally automatic. NOW we're getting to a level with which I'm comfortable. All you tinkerers may have less to do soon being replaced by software like this for those of us who just want to run the software without looking under the hood (a sure sign of a maturing industry). Tom Lake
  13. toml_12953

    iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    For me iATKOS *is* the best. I can boot it just fine except for sound (if anyone has the exact fix for a STAC 9271D, I'd appreciate it!) I can't boot KALYWAY at all. No contest.
  14. toml_12953

    My Dilemma

    Since You have an nVidia and I have an ATI, that's the difference that's causing me all the problems. The iDeneb ATI drivers don't support QE. Sound is no problem. What choices did you make in your customization to get SATA working? I can read from my SATA drives but not write to them. I'm booting from a USB drive.