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  1. Hey there, i gave upon this one cause of different factors... spent weeks on end trying to get everything working. there are some problems: -wireless have ordered a broadcomcard to get wireless working -ethernetworks but drops sometimes -qe works with 945gm card (working with a 950 kext) -fan problems working with bios work around if on power supply otherwise not if anyone has a fully working setup i would love to get some feedbackotherwise i am giving up on the "porta-hack";-) greets
  2. Has anyone had any experience with an nc2400 from HP? i have been trying to get everyhing installed and activated but maybe i am just trying the wrong things. the system is running but freezes every now and again. has anyone had similar experiences? here are my specs: Intel u2500 duo (both shown) Mobile Intel 945GM Express chipset (fully working with qe and so on) 2 GB 533 ram (all shown and correctly) Intel pro wireless 3945abg (not working) Broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet (not working yet, but found some info) AD1981HD sound (not working yet either but found information) has anyone got the fingerprint sensor to work?? if someone can give me some tips on their past experience, i would be very greatfull as i want to get rid of the last windows pc in my pad:-) greetz
  3. clbeee

    GeForce 8400GS 256MB XFX Quartz Extreme: Not Supported

    thank you very much for the info...
  4. http://www.wikipedia.de/ die seite wurde gesperrt ... sorry for the english speaker here wikipedia.de in germany was taken offline due to a passed restirction from the court due to some problems. next time i'll put it up in english too... ;-)
  5. Hi there guys! just wondering is there a possibility to get this working on a x48 board?? as i am looking for some new hardware and been checking the p35's and stumbled across the ga-x48-dq6 and was wondering if this is of any use for a retail install.... thanks in advance for feedback cheers