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  1. need help installing this...

    so... i guess nobody can help with this?...
  2. ok... i have a dell 700m laptop which has: 855g onboard graphics 1gb ram 60gb hd pentium m 1.7ghz so i have installed 10.4.3 build 8f1111a and was very delighted to see it on my computer. however what i didnt like was that you had to screw around with the settings to get wireless working. but what i didnt like the most was that with my graphics controller i cant enable Quartz in this version of osx. I have read around the forums and noticed that 10.4.1 really did work with quartz extreme with my graphics card and that wireless was much less of a hassle. so i decided to download the vmware version... in other words, the deadmoo image. so i installed 10.4.1 by dd'ing to my partition (type = af) with the skip of the boot sector. now when the computer restarts and i decide that i want to go into tiger it goes in... or so it seems. it goes into the gray screen with the little flower and it seems to be loading all fine. however after a bit it just freezes. i have tried using -v to see where it is that it hangs, but whenever i use it shows all the files that are loading and at the point where it hangs instead of being able to see teh file i only have a black screen, so i cant see the reason why it hangs. so that is pretty much it. any help or suggestions? i want to be able to have quartz enabled on my card, and want to know if by any chance there might have been a new patch for 10.4.3 where it lets you enable it on a 855 graphics card. or is there any other version that lets you use this, like 10.4.4 or 10.4.5 ? all your help is GREATLY appreciated
  3. Help...

    i pretty much have the same problem. i have a dell 700m laptop, with the 855graphics, i installed osx 10.4.3 but since it doesnt support QE for my card i cant run FCP 5. since i still had already another partition, i decided to install 10.4.1 (skipping the boot sector part of course) by dd'ing it to the partition. its important to note that i didnt install or configure any bootloader. so when i restart the laptop, in the darwin bootloader (the 10.4.3 loader) the 10.4.1 option actually comes out on there so im able to select it. the problem arises when i select it, it goes into the gray screen to load, but it doesnt do anything. its just there frozen. i left it there on the gray screen for like 20 minutes since i had to take a shower. when i came back it was still there, just frozen. when i use -v at the bootloader, i get output about all the files loading, then all of the sudden the screen just goes black.. and thats it... nothing else happens. so... anybody know whats wrong by any chance?
  4. 10.4.3 hangs everytime....

    yeah.. thats the problem mainly. I have a dell 700m laptop, installed 10.4.3 (wesley's patch), and it went smooth. now the problem begins when i go into osx. after a while or something it'll hang. what also happens is that when i go into system preferences and i try to configure the airport (which is recognized with the 10.4.4 kext) it also hangs. but ooohhhhh no... that doesnt stop there. i noticed that it also hangs whenever i try to change almost ANYTHING on the system preferences. now what i think is that it might be because its the wesley's patch.... any thoughts on this?
  5. 10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    i got a bit of a problem. i added the modified io80211family.kext, and i got osx to recognize the card. the problem im experiencing is that when i try to connect to the access point it just hangs while its "trying" to connect, and if i try opening other apps they dont go in. only way out of this is by doing a hard-reboot. i have a 700m dell laptop truemobile 1350 soo.... any of you know what's going on?
  6. Final Cut Pro 5.0 - installed and working.

    you know.... you cant come on this forum and ask for FCP5 serials... since this forum doesnt condone piracy...