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  1. ati radeon sapphire x1550 512mb pci e

    I'm trying to get QE/CI working on one of these ATI x1550 512mb, too, and I'm not having much luck either. Already tried changing Device IDs and whatever to no avail. Guess we just have to see if anyone ever comes up with a working solution, because there doesn't seem to be one at the moment.
  2. Keyboard/Trackpad troubles after install (STILL UNSOLVED!)

    Alright, after a long absence, I'm back. So, I'm definitely delighted to hear about this. So, just a quick review before I try this. Did you just install the kexts? or was there a deeper process to it?
  3. Ha! H! Blue screen of death icon.

    What? Seriously? Wow. Goodbye integrity.
  4. One of the better ones I've seen Have to agree that the render of the apple should be smoother though.
  5. 10.5.3 sse2 sse3 intel

    Word. Seems to be a running theme across all distros. I have a Gateway ML6720 Notebook. So, maybe I can help get a little more laptop support in order. I've tried various distros and ended up backing out on each one because I could never get the keyboard to work even after trying every solution on this forum, and what's the point of installing on a laptop if you have to carry a USB keyboard everywhere, right? In any case, if you do need the help maybe I could locate some problem areas somehow. In sound, graphics, peripherials, keyboard and whatever else I can find.
  6. how does your Gateway compare to the Gateway ML6720 Notebook? What are your specs? Because I've tried everything and couldn't get the keyboard working on it (pre- or post-install), and I'm not going to install OS X if I have to lug a USB keyboard everywhere.
  7. help please ! intel 965 express chipset family driver

    The X3100 usually works right out of the box for me. What kind of laptop is yours? I decided to remove Mac OS X from my laptop with the 965 and X3100 because I couldn't figure out how to get the keyboard to work. However, everything (except sound) I could get to work just fine. What distro do you have installed?
  8. Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset

    How's the compatibility on this chipset? Any successful installs? Does your sound and/or onboard keyboard work?
  9. The Earth is Flat!

    Holy {censored}. This is gold.
  10. anyone with a working laptop keyboard?

    You and me both, buddy. It's the only reason I'm refusing to install OS X on my Gateway laptop right now. I've tried everything with the keyboard and nothing made a drop of difference.
  11. Dell Dimension E521

    I installed OS X on a E521 before. The only distro that worked for me was the Leo4All distro. It was v2 at the time, but hopefully v3 will work too. Hope that helps a little. Only thing I couldn't get working on it before was the onboard graphics card.
  12. Keyboard/Trackpad troubles after install (STILL UNSOLVED!)

    I officially give up. Screw OS X.
  13. Keyboard/Trackpad troubles after install (STILL UNSOLVED!)

    Ok, apparently I don't have an Extensions.kextcache file to remove anytime I try Is that a problem? Still can't get the keyboard. If I break the trackpad I can usually get it back pretty well. ARGH! Still... ApplePS2Keyboard: probe failed ApplePS2Trackpad: Synaptics TouchPad 6.2 I don't think I am anymore.
  14. Anyone have a Gateway ML6720?

    Does anyone else here have a Gateway ML6720 Notebook? I did a forum search and it seems that anyone who did doesn't come to the forums anymore. Has anyone discovered how to get the onboard keyboard and sound working? Sound isn't so important as the keyboard though, and it seems that any of the conventional methods of getting the keyboard working don't apply, but apparently it is possible. I can install Leopard just fine, save for those problems. Any help at all?
  15. Keyboard/Trackpad troubles after install (STILL UNSOLVED!)

    Should I just give up? No one knows how this person got it working? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=557717