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  1. hallo, since some chameleon revision - versions newer than r2286 - i have same problem - bootloader stops on blinking/rotating cursor - i found thats causing connected IDE disk... with some active partition (maybe) - it seems to me, new versions of chameleon can not handle it or there is some bug.
  2. similar behavior on very similar machine Asus A8j - Core 2 Duo 7200, NVIDIA GeFroce Go7300, 3 GB RAM freezes on "last" log screen with some HDD lighting, then nothing... any help appreciated.
  3. confirming this, it needs to flag the windows partition as active, recover it with boot dvd, then flag chameleon partition as active back.
  4. No Graphics after 10.6.3 update

    similar here. NVDANV40Hal loaded, then solid blue screen. safe system works. asus laptop, nvidia geforce 7300 go EDIT: -x32 or arch=i386 flag "solve" it
  5. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    same MSI NEO3F board there - since pre11 builds - restart on boot0 Asus laptop A8J boots that
  6. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    hallo, pre11 (tried b and d) crashes my machine at boot0 stage (before selection of partition), previous builds did not... no idea, why - tried few combinations of bios / plist settings. c2q8200, ddr2/800, r4850
  7. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    RC5pre10 core2quad 8200 2.3GHz oc to 2.8HGz - vanilla, using fakesmc + ati/alc888 kexts only, no DSDT: - correctly shows overclocked CPU frequency (previous buids did not) - correctly shows DDR2/800 (previous builds showed 667) - restart fix does NOT work - stuck on blue screen with spinning circle thanx for your work! EDIT: i noticed in profiller - Bus Speed: 1.6 GHz - this is probably wrong
  8. hallo, dr. hurt, r3 installing on other disk/partition feature was very useful for me. your package as maybe only one did NOT damagged my other ntfs partition, but worked on 2nd try - maybe some bug - after 1st try and restart - bootloader hangs on black screen with single line of corrupted text/hex symbols. after 2nd installation everything ok... trying r4 on another machine thanx for your work, dnine
  9. 10.6.2 WindowServer Kernel Panic

    its nvidia drivers problem - some info on netkas site ive read also native macs with geforces 7xxx cant boot in 64bit mode with this update some solution is in replacing all 10.6.2 nvidia kexts with old ones
  10. OSXRestart.kext

    asus a8jn notebook, c2d 7200 - snow leopard 10.6.2 restart is working even after sleep/wakeup good work, thank you!
  11. Nvidia gforce 7300 go

    hallo, i have serious problems with geforce go 7300 (asus a8jn) after 10.6.2 update - system crashes few seconds after login - sometimes long enough to found acceleration works - translucent menu bar, effects... safe mode or non-accelerated graphics works ok tried all methods - pc efi - graphics enabler, efi strings, injectors... always same. can someone reproduce this? possible bugs in original apple nvidia kexts or in some depend kexts? attaching "happy" crash screen with log - most of time shows gray screen with "you need to restart your computer..." "vanilla" install with basic extra kexts, original 10.6 worked fine EDIT: now tried 10.6.2 with 10.6 nvidia/geforce kexts and it works, no crash...
  12. MSI P45 NEO

    hallo, i can share some experience with installing osx on P45-NEO3-F with core q8200, newest bios .1A. previously i tried to install iatkos v7 - crashed 5s after trying to boot from installation cd; then ideneb 1.5.1 - installation succefully passed, but ive got some kernel panics then... recently i tried with snow leopard i used retail disk > usb flash disk > boot-132 based cd method had trouble with bios settings - basically, most important are: - in CPU Feature - Set Limit CPUID MaxVal to 3 - must be set to Disabled - in RAID Mode - must be set to AHCI - IOAPIC Function Enabled - ACPI Function Enabled, state S3 ive tried to use installation prepared on another computer as well as direct installation, all cores enabled, only problem after succefull boot is with graphic - i have ati 4850 - screeshot attached. it looks like graphic driver related problem, because system looks not_to_be_freezed, i belive, i can solve it soon. EDIT: "solved" with -x boot flag