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  1. Yeah, no problem. At least for the 10.4.4 lists. Edit: I'll do the 10.4.3 ones too since we use most of those drivers anyway.
  2. Maxxy's kernel panic patch was for EIP: 0x00192241, whatever that means.
  3. An update on the networking for D945PSN using IONetworkingFamily from 10.4.3: After plugging in a cable, ethernet does work! However, if you try to view the system prefs area for ethernet, system prefs crashes. Luckily by default DHCP is enabled. Crash reporter: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x6b2f3c6e Anyone else having this behavior with system prefs?
  4. I have audio!!! Rocking out right now. Thanks to kevlar! As he said, just use the AppleHDA.kext version 1.1.0a20 from 10.4.3. DON'T use AppleAzaliaAudio.kext or AppleAC97.kext. If your sound output device in sys. prefs. says HD Audio or something of the like, you need to dump those two kexts. Using just the AppleHDA.kext, your sound output device will say Internal Speakers. This is what you want. On my D945PSN, the audio signal comes out of the blue sound port on the back. The green and pink ports on both the front and back don't send anything out. (haven't tried recording).
  5. Will you do a get info on it and verify the version number? Thanks!
  6. I had used the 10.4.3 AppleHDA.kext as well, with no luck. I was trying with v. 1.1.0a20 from my 10.4.3 installation (also tried 1.1.0a41 from 10.4.4). What version are the successful people using? Also, to people having success: Is the name of your output device "HD Audio Output?" And on the D945 series with 5.1 audio, which audio port becomes active? Green, pink, or blue?
  7. Just bought it. Double checked, it has the latest bios.
  8. I have an Intel D945PSN with the sigmatal 9220 audio codec running 10.4.4. Followed instructions. Sound is now controllable in system prefs but no audio signal is coming out of any of the ports... Also networking lets me have a built-in ethernet port now (before it was gray) but selecting it crashes system prefs. Sigh...
  9. Followed the instructions. Was NOT able to get this working on my Intel D945PSN running 10.4.4. After install of the Azalia kext the sound options became available in system prefs but no audio signal was coming out of any of the audio ports. Yes, I checked the volume . Anyone else had luck on 10.4.4 / with this board?
  10. In the wiki, there is the "10.4.4 working hardware" section and there is the "10.4.4 unworking hardware" section. They really should be combined into just "10.4.4 hardware" with a "did you get it working yes/no" flag. Spreading the information out is not helping development because there aren't enough eyes going to the unworking hardware section. PS, there are too many forums as well. But I can live with that, lets get the wiki right. Thanks!
  11. So where is the wiki? Is it coming back?
  12. I've read 10.4.4 is the first version of OS X for intel that lets you use software update.
  13. Just got a new intel iMac with 10.4.4 installed. Is there some way I can make a straight copy of the hard drive to another hard drive, add anti-tpm patches, and drop it into a pc? Carbon copy cloner doesn't see any mounted discs... Also, I've read on another thread that the restore disks are of no use as they specifically look for iMac hardware.