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  1. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    This one is no longer available Could anyone re-up it? Pretty please?
  2. Brilliant - thanks. I actually ended up using the 10.6.7 legacy kernel installer - required rebooting twice and then chameleon refreshed everything. I am familiar with UNIX commands I'm not that n00b, it has just been a while since I installed a Hackintosh system so I am a bit rusty Using the -force64 flag in my boot.plist has given me my 8gb ram back, and system info is reporting 1 cpu with four cores Looks like I am in business Next question - any way to prevent various partitions showing up in the chameleon bootloader for selection?
  3. Got an Asus M4n68t (from memory) mobo, 1tb hard drive (not sure what make), 8600gt, amd phenom II x4 645 and 8gb ram. Got iatkos 10.6.3 installed and working, did combo update to 10.6.7, backed up my kernel, stupidly didn't copy my old kernel back in, and now get an ACPI kernel panic. My question is - can I simply reinstall a working kernel from the dvd without overwriting everything else? My kexts are backed up and resintalling them is no problem.