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  1. Hey everyone I've been out of the loop for a while after attempting to install OSx86 on my Sony Laptop with a 7600 GO as most of you know the internal LCD screen doesn't work with the kexts and only an external does, i was wondering has there been any developments that allow it to work with the internal cause it's the only thing holding me back to fully switching over. Thanks
  2. Intel Gigabit Network

    I finally got Mac OS X 10.5.5 dual booting with Vista on my main pc, now to my surprise my Ethernet controller isn't working - says ''unplugged'' in System Preferences, i'm not sure what kext to use i know my device ids are 8086 104b. If anyone has a working kext or knows how to fix it please let me know. thanks FIXED: used the Intel92566MM.kext and altered the plist to suit my kext information.
  3. i also have a similar problem - i have Windows Vista OS on my 250gb Hard-Drive (C:\) and Mac OS X 10.5.5 on a partition off my 1TB Hard-Drive (K:\) i have been able to dual-boot with both OS's on the same Hard-Drive (on my laptop) but i am unable to work out how to do it with two hard-drives. and maco55 for your first question my SATA controller is set to IDE in the BIOS and Mac OS X seems to work odd yours doesn't, as you stated ACHI doesn't work in Vista lol. If anyone can help us with the dual-booting off separate hard-drives would be appreciated - I'm sure it's simple enough i just can't work it out.
  4. i've tried en0 and that won't even show Airport wireless in System Pref, and i've been trying on en1 which shows the Airport wireless, i'll give en2 a go later on. Thanks
  5. Works up until i need to connect to a network - under Network in System Pref shows Airport (never did before your fix!) but it says No Airport Card according to the Tools i have an Atheros AR5001 with 186c:001a did i do something wrong in the plist part? i had 186c,001a no : does it make a difference? be great if this can be done last thing i need, otherwise defeats the purpose of my laptop lol. Thanks in advance (btw it's a Card that slots in not inbuilt, my inbuilt Intel 3945ABG doesn't work either lol) (also won't let me turn on Airport, when ever i click Turn on Airport, does nothing)
  6. Wireless

    My laptop has an Intel Pro/Set Wireless 3945ABG which doesn't work due to kext reasons, however i do have an D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G630 Version D1. From my understanding it's based on Atheros and i believe this may work in iAtkos what kexts would i need to activate the card port and the card it's self? if any work? Thanks in advance
  7. When attempting to install iAtkos (Version v1.0i) disk utility only shows my first hard-drive a Samsung 250gb SATA drive. The problem i have is i wish to install iAtkos onto my 1TB Western Digital Hard-Drive which is also SATA, i created a partition off this so it wouldn't take up all of the drive. However Disk Utility doesn't show the Western Digital or the smaller partition i created. Anyone have any ideas? (BIOS settings are set to IDE for SATA not ACHI if i use ACHI then Vista fails to boot with a BSOD... surprise much?) I am downloading iAtkos 5i - 10.5.5 is it? at the end of the month will that fix my problem? or will i have to swap the SATA cables around? if so how would i go about dual-booting it with Vista then? Cheers if anyone can help
  8. Curious about what kernel to pick for installation, from my understanding i can't select the same as my laptop which has a Centrino Duo, the vanilla kernel or something. So i was just curious do i leave it blank? the processor is an Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8Ghz) and my installation disc is an old iAtkos V1.0 (However i do have the updates to 10.5.4, as my disc is 10.5.1) Cheers Other details include Motherboard: Intel DP965LT Ram: 2gb Kingston G-Card: Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT (i'm guessing the included Kext's won't support this?)
  9. Unable to work out what driver

    i managed to possibly find one i used before on one of my older flash drives, i'll attach the codec file i have, it seems to work in the AppleHDApatcher but when i restarted the whole volume thing doesn't work (won't go up/down) and theres a small X sign. possibly i'm missing a HDA file that i noticed it deletes during the patcher, any ideas? SonyVaioSZ3XPcodec0.txt
  10. Unable to work out what driver

    subsystem: 104D0C00 not sure for controller the whole thing says HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7661&SUBSYS_104D0C00&REV_1042\4&B1E7652&0&0001
  11. Unable to work out what driver

    anyone? i've had it working before but i've lost the kext needed if anyone could link one for it, would be appreciated.
  12. Unable to work out what driver

    I've been trying for ages to get my sound on my laptop to work, i had it working before but i formated my hard-drive and now i can't remember what kext i used before OS X 10.5.4 shows it as Intel HD audo, but XP tells me it's a Sigmatel High Def Audio with the details venid: 8384 deviceid:7661 if anyone could help it would appreciated. Cheers
  13. still waiting for boot device

    No idea i've tried everything, unplugged my SATA hard drive, no good, unplugged my IDE hard drive no good, unplugged them both! and still said waiting for ''root device'' and i was unable to locate the AHCI options for my dvd-drive only my HDD fiddled with those but made zero difference,
  14. still waiting for boot device

    okay system specs Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DP965LT cpu: Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz ram: 2gb kingston graphics: XFX Geforce 8600 GT XXX Edition. sound card: Sound Blaster Audgiy 5.1 net: onboard Intel ethernet SATA: Samsung 240gb PATA WD 80gb (this one has Vista Home Premium installed) dvd drive: LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM keyboard+mouse combo Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard+ Microsoft Wireless optical mouse
  15. Sorry if this has being posted before, but i seem to be facing a problem when i try to boot from my iATKOS v1.0i pressing enter on countdown brings me to the grey apple logo and after a while it shows a X in a box on the Apple logo, i tried using -v mode but it stops and hangs at ''still waiting for root device'' my computer matchs the requirements to install any ideas? Thanks