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  1. Did the Slack room just got deleted? That's a shame as it's the most convenient chat client for me. Anyone knows what happened?
  2. nosskirneh

    The IRC is Back up

    Is it possible to get an updated link? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, I actually managed to fix it by an alternative route. I reinstalled the SSD with the Chameleon method as mentioned above (this youtube guide), and then installed Clover (version 3994r or something) with the EFI kif.007 posted above (because the newest Clover wouldn't work). So far everything seems to be working besides: * iMessage - I actually got past the authentication error as I had before, now it just says "_____ is not registered with iMessage" - suppose I should follow the well known guides on how to get that to work. * The PC reboots when it should shut down - any ideas? Not home at the moment but IIRC the config.plist has the fix <key>FixShutdown_0004</key> <true/>
  4. Didn't work :/ Tried a lot of things today - to no avail... I have the following kexts: AHCIPortInjector_v100_Micky1979.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext FakeSMC.kext GenericUSBXHCI.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector_v1.0.0_Micky1979.kext LegacyAppleAHCIPortIntelICHx.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Patched_10.12_AppleRTC.kext How do I know which one isn't needed?
  5. Thanks guys, I'll try these when I get off work!
  6. Still the same thing, tested with both nvidia injector on and off. Tried changing the SMBIOS to MacPro5,1, still no difference :/
  7. Checked: nvda_drv=1 Unchecked: nv_disable=1 nvda_drv=1 is for web drivers, right? Since I have a GTX 780 I should use those, correct? Could it be wrong SMBIOS? The config that kif.007 send used iMac14,2. I'll try replacing it to MacPro5,1 and report back.
  8. Thanks! I got past the panic error. Now I'm stuck here instead: first it says busy timeout[0], (240s), kextd wait(0): "AppleACPICPU" and then after a while I get past it and one of my monitors become Mac-gray colored while the other is black. I found this answer, but it is pointing to use the newest Clover, which I am (r4907). Any ideas? Thanks, I thought it felt wrong doing this on my Mac, thought it had to be some numbers specifically for the Z400. Guess I should just have proceeded. Anyway, thanks for the detailed image!
  9. Not sure how to attached it on this forum, so I'll just send a dropbox link. I hope that's alright. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3yv9c7i56z86d6/CLOVER.zip?dl=0 Thanks! Edit: Didn't see your edit until now. Yes, I'm having trouble patching the powermanagement kext, hence my question.
  10. Thanks for the links. I managed to get past the other screen. I'm currently stuck at this screen instead. The solution seems to be your comment here. However, I don't really understand. Following the instructions that you linked to, wouldn't that do stuff to the already existing legit Mac of mine (as the terminal is running on my partition)? Where would I enter those values you commentated with? Please do elaborate.
  11. I have some questions regarding the Clover method of getting Sierra and I'd be most grateful if someone would answer them. Previously when I tried it I couldn't get past this screen (which eventually turned into this). I then gave up and tried Chameleon. I got it to install but it seems like the graphics card won't enable since I can only have two displays and not three. iMessage and FaceTime was also not working, and all guides was pointing to use Clover. I've read a bit on this thread and people seems to be successful. I have a Z400 Xeon Quad 3.06 GHz (should be Mac Pro 5.1 in SMBIOS, right?) with a GTX 780 (nVidia Web drivers, right?). Now, how would I get past the screen I mentioned above? Is it an USB problem or HDD problem? Perhaps I didn't use the correct kexts (as shown by antialias above) and thus it didn't find the right components? Some in this thread mention that you need a SATA port controller since the installation process will not recognize the hard drives. Have I understood correctly, and in that case, would a SATA to USB adapter work too? Someone mentioned AHCI mode in BIOS. I'm on version 3.60 and as far as I remember I only have RAID + AHCI, would this be a problem? Also worth mentioning: if everything works as intended I would like to replace the Windows installation on the SSD and put that on the HDD instead. What boot loader mode should I use in that case? Previously I've used legacy mode but if I replaced Windows would this change to UEFI? Other tips? Thanks in advance!