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  1. Hello! I think it will be good to have a thread with information about compatibility and benchmarks of different NVMe drives with hackintosh systems (each member can post it's results). I've tested few drives and can share my results (tested on asus x299 deluxe+mojave): Intel P3700 2tb - 900mb/s (R) / 1500 mb/s (W) (tested with 512-byte and 4k sectors) - poor performance Intel P3605 1.6tb U.2 - 550mb/s (R) / 800 mb/s (W) (tested with 512-byte and 4k sectors) - poor performance Samsung PM1725 3.2tb U.2 - stuck at boot/or kernel panic depending on configured sector size - can't test HGST SN200 1.6tb U.2 - 2300mb/s (R) / 2000mb/s (W) - very hot drive, need additional fan
  2. have you updated BIOS to latest version ? reset bios settings to defaults and try again to setup it according to KGP manual
  3. Hi all I've installed Intel P3700 2tb card into x299 based imacpro-like hackintosh (mojave 10.14.2). i have dual boot system (os/x + win10), firstly i've benchmarked this ssd on windows 10. It have 2.7/1.5 R/W speed. Next i've booted mojave. It was detected without problems, i've tried to benchmark it with blackmagic disk speed test and got 0.8/1.5 R/W speed. Read speed is very slow compared to Win10 results. I've tried to change sector size to 4k - but this have no effect on benchmark. Is anyone have ideas - how to make it work for a full speed ? Thanks
  4. currently mojave boots without problems (i've installed it on SATA drive). video (rx vega 64) works without any setup, 4k support working. the only problem that i currently have - non working intel 200-series usb controller, seems that this is problem with bios (i cannot downgrade it because of new-generation cpu support). so i decided to buy other motherboard (deluxe version) and try again. ps. try my clover: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fwikz8rz85joby/CLOVER.tar.bz2?dl=0 UPDATE: i've found a reason - why my USB doesn't work. on initialization, AppleUSBXHCI reports next: XHCI@(null): AppleUSBXHCI::start: hardware exception occured Seems that this can be some incompatibility with new CPU UPDATE2: yessss!!!! XHCI is working. adding npci=0x3000 to kernel parameters solved this problem. UPDATE3: Areca 1883i card works plug'n'play, Intel X540-T2 modified to be a small tree 10gbe too. Bluetooth works plug'n'play with iogear bluetooth usb stick.
  5. have you configured BIOS settings according to KGP instructions?
  6. It's quite strange, but Asmedia ASM1074 driver is not loaded. I've installed KGP's ACPI patches (seems that they are matched X299-A prime, i've checked USB definitions), but this doesn't help. Is anyone know how to force this driver loading?
  7. it's just a efi folder from KGP github repository. you need to use usb hub, inserted into cyan usb connector (it's located above single usb-c connector), for connecting usb installer flash, keyboard and mouse.
  8. I've successfully installed mojave on asus x299-a prime + i7-9800x, using usb hub on single working usb port. Mojave didn't want to work with Asmedia 2142 ports, currently i have no idea how to make them active. Tried USBInjectAll+XHCI-unsupported, but no luck. Intel ports (except single working) also didn't work, but i see two USB 3.1 Bus intel controllers into USB device tree.
  9. My CPU i7-9800x is supported since v1602. But i will try to revert, thanks. UPDATE: unfortunately, downgrading to v1503 have no effect. will try to buy usb hub today (i have one working usb port), connect usb flash+keyboard+mouse to it and install mac os.
  10. Hi Trying to run your config on i7-9800x, asus prime x299-a, rx vega 64. Kernel starts to boot (from USB stick) and i see first screenshot for near 60 seconds, and then i see second screenshot (if i will wait more i see message 'still waiting for root device') TSCAdjustReset was adopted. UPDATE: seems that are only one USB port are seen by os x (i can insert usb stick into this port and boot installer). Tried kext-s from XHC-USB-Kext-Library, but no luck Keyboard/mouse not working, so i can't install macos in order to create working XHC-USB-Kext config with IoRegistryExplorer. I've also tried to boot high sierra installer (with usb port count patch enabled) - but result the same - no keyboard/mouse.
  11. i've installed sierra on linux using kholia OSX-KVM scripts. video card passthough works fine, except one thing - displayport audio isn't working (i didn't see it in output devices). my videocard is nvidia nvs 510, monitor is dell up2715k (it have internal dynamics which works fine with mac pro). is anyone solved this problem?