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  1. I have my OSX86 installed on a 250 gig SATA drive; on an intel DG33FB motherboard. It works really well in AHCI mode, but I want to also want to use a spare 500 gig IDE drive I have (For Time Machine, or for a copy of Windows XP). If I plug it into my computer, OSX still boots but does not see the drive. I'm not sure if switching adding a new kext will help or hurt the system, since right now it works with AHCI and I don't want to mess up my sata drive and my OSX install. Is there any way I can use both my SATA drive and my IDE drive?
  2. Leopard on osx86?

    Better to release it later and not have any big bugs present, then to release it early and get "OMG IT'S NOT WORKING WHY WHY WHY". (Sure, that will happen anyway, but I hope not as much ) Just, if possible, please release this on Usenet, that would be a big help :-D
  3. I already know how to do that. I need to get mute and the subwoofer working. I can't get those modded kexts to work.
  4. One more thing I forgot: While I got the sound working on my system, I can't get the updated AppleHDA kext that's in this thread to work. I put it into my extensions folder, then put in the modded Info.plist, but when I restart I have no sound at all. What do you need to do to get it to work? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to get everything working :-D
  5. I just got my E1505 working with OSX86 and (after ripping apart the laptop and putting in a Geforce 7300) it works great... except for two things. I tried the "Put the laptop to sleep and wake it to get both cores working" thing, but if I turn on the laptop with both cores on, OSX crashes right after it hits the GUI. I have been able to get it to sleep with one core on however. Any way to get around that? (EDIT: I should note, I have the Core duo CPU, not Core 2 duo) Also, I have the 1500 draft-n card, and while it works great for open networks, I can't get any one with encryption, such as my schools PEAP network. It will connect, but not authorize. I'm not sure if it's OSX, the network card, or my schools setup (I can get it running with Windows and Linux), so I just wanna check if there are any problems with these cards and encrypted networks in OSX. :-D
  6. I've got a fully working 10.4.8 system and I want to upgrade to 10.4.9 via JaS's install. Yet, everytime I do, I can't access the system, it just hangs at "Still waiting for root device". I run a fully SATA system. I think I have to backup and replace some files, but I'm not sure what, anyone have any ideas?
  7. 10.4.8 Kernel AMD with GUI!

    I have it running, but sound is sketchy at best (most programs don't even have sound ALA Quake 4), and video is out of sync, as well as clock lag. Also, I'm not sure the fsb option is working at all.
  8. Good news for AMD and VMWARE

    This is great, sorry if I and my.. ah... "testing" messed you up at all.
  9. New JaS DVD

    There are over 2000 peers, even if there are a few more seeds, it won't help much. Just wait it out, it's not gonna be long, probably in a few hours.
  10. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    I'll be home in a few hours, and I have an AMD64 3200+ (SSE3), I'll be on to help :-D
  11. New JaS DVD

    And the best part is, we're all gonna leave the torrent at the same time after it's done, because we are all so sick of watching the screen seeing it not go anywhere :-)
  12. New JaS DVD

    1. Well, since it is vista you never know if they changed just one thing that causes it to fail (Just look at Photoshop CS2 in RC2, which caused Aero glass to fall back to Basic), but really it could be anything. 2. Download utorrent, it's small and works great, I even run it in wine on Linux and OSX, it's that damn good. EDIT: And although this has nothing to do with your problem, I had no idea that RTM build was out, i'm downloading it now off of demonoid :-D I hope transcode 360 is working this time around, they said they got it fixed, then again they said it was fixed for RC2 :-(
  13. New JaS DVD

    1. Are you using Windows vista or XP? Since that can cause program compatibility errors. 2. Why not use a better client like utorrent? That should not cause that error, just restart the torrent with utorrent and point the download to the same directory as before, that way utorrent can continue the download, that should help out.
  14. 10.4.8 AMD apparently

    Yeah, just saw it on TPB. Oh well, i'll just have to download it again :-)