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  1. Just tried it again. It don't let me pass the firmware check. I tried to install it on a different HDD. I can do everything i want and change everything i want in the SMBIOS Settings, it just won't let me pass it.
  2. I really need help with the Update. I unpluged the Boot GPU and now i'm in the Update Settings. Problem now is, that apparently my system isn't allowrd to pass the Firmware check even with using current SMBIOS Settings that i posted earlyer. Maybe someone would be nice enough to post hus EFI folder to me to use for the update? Please
  3. This. Did everything myself without using any patches. Will try to disable the drivers. Maybe that's the key to success. I was really frustrated and already thought about an clean install only cause i put a lot of time into it to get it back running and nothing worked. Like i said back in the Beta i had the same problems. I used other EFI Folders and run into the same problems until i got one that worked. I currently have an Sapphire R9 390 Nitro running in the system. Got it working with an Boot GPU (Nvidia) cause i use an Intel Xeon CPU (I first build the system for gaming only). It worked very fast on Sierra and in the High Sierra Beta. Didn't had any issues with it. As well as System Updates via the Update Tab on the Mac App Store. Only these Big Update are a pain in the .... for me. I also have to to update the amd controllers after an big update to get the GPU back running fast.
  4. Something has to be wrong with my system. I see so many people getting the Update done on the fly. Of course for some stupid reason it always doesn't work for me. I just don't get it. My system is broken now too. Only way to start it now is with the -x command. Damn
  5. Hi, i'm having problems currently on updating from the macOS High Sierra Beta to High Sierra Final. Tried everything, OTA Update, Boot via USB Flash Drive. Just nothing works. I'm always stuck in the loading screen and the picture is just frozen with the Apple Logo and the loading circle. I have to say that i had some of these crazy problems the time i installed the beta too. I used the EFI folder from @cyberdevs and got it working. After updating i put back my EFI folder and everything worked fine. Maybe i have the same problem again? I already updated the SMBIOS. I'm currently using these SMBIOS settings: BiosVersion: MP61.88Z.0120.B00.1708080652 Release Date: 08/08/2017 Firmware Features: 0xE80FE136 Features Mask: 0xFF1FFF3F Plattform Features: 0x04 Maybe someone is nice enough to give me his EFI folder so i can try to get it work that way?