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    Published the source code of my changes here:
    Enjoy =)
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    This Box create 4- mode installation OS X Mavericks

     This method of Creation is full vanilla without effecting OSX Files 


    N-O1- MODE: Clover Only UEFI v2k r2636

    N-O2- MODE: Clover EFI Legacy

    N-O3- MODE Chameleon r2377

    N-O4- DVD Créator Chameleon r2377


    Very simple to using this Installer, select your option and create your own Package  


    PS:You can change anything inside the Box before create your Packages




    ** ATTENTIONS ** 

    To using this Installer, you need Installer OS X Mavericks.app on your Applications 



    You need USB Drive 8 gig or USB EXT Drive

    or blank DVD 8.5 Double Layer



    Put EFI MAVERICKS BOX on desktop, and dont rename it.


    Thanks to cVad for the Boot disk Utility Method

    and KexUtility

    Thanks to the other app developer EfiMounter ShowAllFiles and Chameleon Wizard






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    Thanks  Fix It Felix Jr.
    I will try to folow your Guide and i will report back
    Ok Done  role back to 907 and flash after that the 1301 with the DCPIManager as usual 
    Thanks again Fix It Felix Jr.   For your Help 
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    New revision should fix this problem. Also you can add more voltages via info.plist, if you want. Maybe you'll find your memory voltage sensor. You could check readings from OpenHardwareMonitor and set VINx for your specific voltage sensors. See it87x's default profile to get sensors names you could use in info.plist
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    Ok, Iam working on it.
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    please ADD HDA887
    sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x85\x08\xec\x10|\x87\x08\xec\x10|g' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA
    this is the platform.xml