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    XPS 9560 Mojave Guide

    This is a n00b question but - will installing a fresh Mojave from USB completely wipe out my partitions and data? I'm hoping to preserve my Windows dual boot, as well as all my data on macOS...
  2. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but for some reason the PlayPause function requires me to hold Fn while pressing F5. None of the other media keys or special functions behave this way. I've tried remapping this in Karabiner but to no effect. To the best of my ability, I've tried following the documentation link you provided but I'm still unclear how to customize the keys based on the Dell layout. I'm attaching my Info.plist if anyone knows how to fix this. EDIT: Never mind, I've fixed the F5 button. Apparently Fn Lock was reset in my BIOS (which, for some reason seems to be the one BIOS setting that doesn't seem to permanently stick...) However, the problem below still applies. Also, a four finger swipe up arbitrarily seems to function as a Brightness Decrement. I also have tried remapping this in Keyboard Shortcuts but can't change this gesture to a different functionality. Additionally, there is odd behavior like "" marks appearing in text when I lightly swipe up with three fingers and other things like that. I don't see how to change this... Any ideas? Info.plist
  3. lebish, could you talk a bit further about this? Specifically, how exactly do we create the patch you mention, and what does it accomplish? Are you saying that we can have a fully functional touchscreen with gestures just like in Windows? So does this mean we can have VoodooPS2 (or KNNSpeed's kext) for the touchpad while simultaneously loading this patch for the touchscreen? Thanks for explaining!
  4. Would anyone be willing to do a High Sierra guide? Please and thank you!