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  1. Is your mobility graphics the only gpu on your laptop or do you have switchable graphics?
  2. algarues

    Intel GMA4500 / GL 4x Express Chipset

    Several people have a version of this gpu that is 4500HD in those particular cases wouldn' t it make more sense to try to hack the intel hdgraphics kexts rather than x3100?
  3. algarues

    Calling all ATI Radeon HD Owners

    Thanks for your effort I uploaded my dumps on your previous thread on ati native drivers this is the link to my post with the files http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1693088
  4. Hi I finally managed to dump the rom for my Radeon mobility 4500 and I would like to apply the dsdt patches with the little app that you uploaded before. Could you please repost it? Or could I send you my dumps for you to make an Aty.init out of it? Thanks a lot for any help
  5. algarues

    ATI Native drivers

    Dear LinearBurn This are the infos for my laptop the model is hp touchsmart tm2 1090 eg my graphic card is ATI Radeon mobility HD 4500 at the moment snow leopard detects properly the card on PCI slot 1, but does not use it and sticks to the integrated intel gpu I included several dumps that I got from the everest utility the full vga bios is the zipped file and it can be opened with an hex editor Please let me know if you need any other files or you would like me to try some of your kexts made with them Hope it helps atigpureg.txt atismbusdump.txt openaldump.txt pcidump.txt devicesdump.txt vgabios_1.zip
  6. algarues

    ATI rom dump with linux question

    thanks, it worked thanks for your help however I already tried that and got a "permission denied" error that is why I am looking for a linux based alternative method
  7. algarues

    ATI rom dump with linux question

    I tried it, it gives you a lot of diagnostic info, but I cannot find any option to make a rom / bios dump Could you please be a little detailed about it? Thanks a lot for your help
  8. algarues

    ATI rom dump with linux question

    you mean this software here? http://www.lavalys.com/products/everest-pc-diagnostics/
  9. algarues

    ATI rom dump with linux question

    I have an hp laptop with ATI mobility 4500 I cannto dump its rom with zGPU on windows and in snow leopard, with the commandline utility from Dong for ATI rom dumping I get a "permission denied" message even though the card is detected and I can see it enlisted with all of its features in the system profiler. Can anyone tell me how I could attempt a rom dump from linux? Alternatively, could I force somehow the rom dump on snow leopard? Thanks for any help Algarues
  10. algarues

    ATI card never used, always booting using IntelHD

    The problem with HP laptops is that they have a locked version of the bios which does not allow to switch on / off a specific card at boot However, according to this post in another forum http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/hp-touchsm...m-bios-tm2.html it should be possible to unlock the bios of Core2Duo based HP laptops using the Insyde EzH2O utility. Maybe some of us could give our HP bioses to a willing hackintosh hacker and he / she could show us how to unlock that option in the bios Then it could be possible to bios with the ATI card active only which should be recognized
  11. ok just to make sure i understood correctly is the rom dsdt coverter file a script to get the dsdt edit from the rom dump of my ATI card? my card is on PCI-1 Should I leave the edit as it comes out from the script or should I modify it in a specific way to detect the card in that slot? Thanks a lot for any help
  12. Does your system have intel-ati switchable graphics or a single graphics card?
  13. algarues

    Install OSX SL on HP TM2 Tablet

    I succesfully installed it using myhack and snow leopard retail + adding some fixes from snowleo4all it works pretty fine with the intel x4500 fix Everything works fine except the wireless I think the best thing would be to somehow completely switch off the ATI card to save battery power and then find some way to change the screen brightness I hope someone can give some suggestions on that will post a full installation guide in the next few days
  14. I succesfully installed Snow leopard 10.6.2 on my system based on Gigabyte p35-ds3R. Everything works: graphics, sound, network (However I am using a rtl8139, not the built-in) and I can boot both 32 and 64 bit. However I have a little problem: I have an external Sata drive which is recognized both in 32 and 64 bit mode, as I can see it and verify it with diskutil command and diskutility gui. In 32 bit mode I can have it properly mounted and visible in the finder and use its files. In 64 bit mode the drive is not visible in the finder anymore and cannot access it as it does not appear in the /Volumes directory. Did anybody have a similar problem and solved it? My tech specs are System: Snow leopard 10.6.2 Bootloader: Chameleon V2 RC4 Motherboard:Gigabyte p35-ds3R Ram:2 Gb Graphics:Nvidia 8800 GT 512 MB Network:RTL8139 Extra kexts: AHCIPortInjector.kext ALC899A.kext fakesmc.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext PlatformUUID.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext IOATAFamily.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext JMicronATA.kext I also have a DSDT.aml from this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186570 Thank you for any help
  15. algarues

    which kernel for dual core AMD?

    Thanks for the help I used the voodoo kernel and it seems to work fine. However I have a problem when running in dual core mode, and that is losing the network connection after sometime and not being able to re-establish it somehow. Has anybody solved this type of problem?