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  1. Disc Utility Doesnt Recognize Sata HD

    did you checked if [iDE Configuration] Configure SATA As [AHCI] ALPE ans ASP [Disabled]
  2. hi everyone, is there anyone with the same board (asus p5w) and can tell me some links or short infos how to update from kaly 10.5.2 to anything higher? how can I get 10.5.5, do I have make all steps .3, .4, .5? Whould be thankful for tips, cannot figure out which infos in the forum are the best for me :-( case11
  3. Hi, can anyone help me? I am using the NvInstaller .41, card is working well, but VM Ware does not recognize and do not bring DirectX 9 support. case11
  4. Hello everyone, Concerns: - Hackintosh Systems with Nvidia Videocards and NVInstallerV.41 - installed Adobe Photoshop CS4 Beta (maybe also Final) Problem: - System freezes while using "free transform", "transform" and some other functions in Photoshop CS4 (Filters are not affected) Solution: Photoshop CS4 is using video hardware (OpenGL) for some functions. If you get freezes while using the program, please check the following settings: Photoshop -> Preferences -> Performance -> GPU-Settings and deactivate the option "Enable OpenGL Drawing" - restart Photoshop The problem is gone. Maybe there are many more video cards and driver-combinations affected. If some one get this error, please post your hardware and driver and if my solution fixed it. Hope someone will help this. I've tried so many ... removed RAM, switched kexts etc. case11
  5. Freezes, Pinwheels, Stopwatch

    Hey Spiderman, never thought someone got the same problems. I am using the exact same mainboard as you (Asus P5W, the same CPU and also 4 GB RAM) and since today I got this mysterious freeze with spinning wheel, stopped time etc. I am using Kalyway 10.5.2! It is reproducible! Photoshop CS4 Beta. Everything is working nice, but try this: - open new file - draw something - make a new Layer - use "Edit" -> "Free Transform" to modify this second Layer ... nothing happen ... the wheel is spinning and the System is dead - only can hold down the power button to hardreboot. Can someone help me, or can someone try what I did to get this error. Btw... every action I can choose in the "Edit"-Menu will bring up this freeze. :-(
  6. Hi folks, I am using an ASUS P5W and all is running fine, except of my external 500 GB harddisc (Firewire). Time Machine doesn't start and tells me that the harddisc could not be found (_CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host), also SuperDuper! (backup medium cannot be erased) doesn't work. I can manually add folders and files to the disc, but the above programs cannot use it. :-( System is: Kalyway 10.5.2, Vanilla, EFI v8 thank you for answers, case
  7. Hi everyone, i will buy: - Asus P5W DH Deluxe OR Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 - Intel Core2 Duo (don't know which model) OR Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 - 4 GB of RAM 1. What do you think about the mainboard, can I be safe for official updates with this thing? 2. Would a dual-core give me nice performance for working with huge video-projects or should it be (for the future) a quad? Thanks to everyone who will answer one of this two questions. :-) case
  8. News bei heise.de http://www.heise.de/newsticker/USB-Dongle-...0551/from/rss09
  9. I would say it's okay, I do not use skype but Trillian or ProteusX and it feels ok. An upgrade to 2 GB RAM would be a good deal, but ... some years ago our systems where even slower and we used it even so ;-)
  10. STAC9228 (Sigmatel) in Dell Vostro 1400

    Umstellung des Ausgangs ging nicht, da generell immer nur ein "Gerät" angezeigt wurde. Habe nun nochmal alles runtergeworfen, was verändert wurde und von Grund auf angefangen. Zu Beginn gab es noch das Problem, das nach dem ersten Boot Sound da war, nach jedem weiteren nicht (habe automatisch jeweils beim Boot die kext neu "installieren" lassen, so dass es dann immer nach dem neuen Hochfahren Sound gab. Mittlerweile hat der Klügere nachgegeben (das System) und ich habe immer Sound, auch ohne jeweiliges neu installieren der Treiber. :-)
  11. hi all, ich kann die Lautstärke steuern, d.h. die optische Anzeige ist da, Lautlos geht auch, nur eben zu hören ist nichts. Ich lass, man soll AppleAzaliaAudio.kext löschen, damit AppleHDA (habe AppleHDA.kext und ALCinject.kext für Sigmatel 9228 gefunden und installiert) funktioniert. Lösche ich allerdings AppleAzaliaAudio.kext, ist in der Systemleiste kein Audio-Icon mehr und bei betägigen der Knöpfe am Laptop kommt auf dem Bildschirm auch nur noch ein durchgestrichener Lautsprecher als Bild. Wie funktioniert das nun, hat da einer einen wirklichen Tip? case11
  12. Hi everyone, with my new laptop (Celeron 540) it was also (as on my PC in signature) easy (only iATKOS 2.0i could boot and install). Here are the facts: EVERY Instant Messenger tool got problems :-( - Adium 1.2.5 and 1.0.6 crashing right after starting it - Proteus is running but a lot of messages do not arrive me (most of the time it looks as the program is offline, some friends told me - tested with icq, msn, yahoo) - some more tested are too old or doesn't support all networks I need funny fact: Proteus CRASHES every Trillian of friends, if I connect it to MSN (reproducible!) The biggest problem: What could be the problem that Adium doesn't start (please see the crash report within this thread). Thank you for comments, case11 adium_crash_report.txt
  13. hi everyone, got a non-stop crash of Finder :-( i've installed iatkos 2.0 on a dell vostro 1400 (celeron 530, intel x3100 graphic, 1 gb ram, 120 gb hdd). while install i choosed nothing but the "9.2.0 Kernel (running good on most hardware)" (could this be the problem?) everything was fine after first boot, but from the second, no setting will be saved (time, language ...) and i never see the clock in upper right corner and all icons left there non-stop/coming back/left. a process named "crashreport" running all 5 seconds because of finder crash. does someone can help me or what kind of informations i need to post. is there anyone out there with the same problem or a solution? case
  14. HowTo: EFI

    Ja, habe noch ein paar Tage Zeit, freu mich schon auf die ganzen neuen Probleme. :-)
  15. HowTo: EFI

    Danke für die Antwort. :-) Nächste und eigentlich fast letzte Frage. Zum Surfen und Arbeiten habe ich einen Dell Vostro 1400 gekauft, der morgen geliefert wird, Celeron 540 CPU, ist es mit dem möglich, einen Vanilla-Kernel zu nutzen? Es muss nicht unbedingt funktionieren, ich spiele auch gerne, wie hier auf AMD, damit rum, aber es wäre natürlich geil ... :-)