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    Intel 5100 wireless Users

    hello i know that there is alot of topics here asking for it's driver, truly i searched alot and spent alot of time looking for it's driver but no luck , there is no driver for it , so for all ppl who have intel 5100 , if anyone got it work or even there is beta version of driver under development , please tell us !
  2. after i installed it on physical partition when i try to start the vitrual machine it tells me this message any one knows how to fix that as , i dont know how to remove physical drive and add it again
  3. Hey i Installed Mac OSX 10.4.7 Successfully jas version on my laptop by VMware Work Station 5 i used Physical Partition During Installation By Vmware Not Vitrual Partition Now i have windows XP Partition And Mac OSX Partition With Mac Format Now it's look like that i installed mac from real dvd Not from Iso file as i dont have dvd-writer Now i want to make mac osx partition Appear in boot menu in the beginning of my laptop windows xp only appear as mac osx also installed any body have an idea about how to make mac osx partition appear in boot with windows xp ????? plz plz plz help
  4. kebomix

    Neooffice البرنامج الرائع

    شكرا يا باشا بجد مجهود كبير واعتقد انه فعلا ممكن يساعد فى حل المشكله دى
  5. Hey Guys i Successfuly Installed Mac OSX 10.4.7 Jas Version on my laptop IBM r52 Here Is Pics Up To here Every thing is ok When it Restart It Give Me This Message Last Image When i Changed Boot To Hard Disk , And When i Put In Boot Vitrual DVD It Begin To Install From The Begin Like Nothing Happened Before , Mean Installing Again And I think that we dont need Dvd in Primary boot cuz it told me that i successfuly finished installing mac osx , the problem now is how i Begin using mac after installing it , it ive me the message in last two pics always Thx in Advance
  6. kebomix

    what is this problem solution

    so , what is the problem i cant install mac cuz of that i dont know what is the problem thats what is happened it say that and dont do anything else
  7. iam trying to install mac osx 10.4.7 on thinkpad r 52 when i boot there is problem Extension "maxxus.driver.AC97Audio" has No Kernel depency Extension "com.apple.driver.AppleAc97Audio" has No kernel depency any one know how to fix this
  8. kebomix

    Thinkpad R52 problem

    i see that nobody know how to fix that
  9. kebomix

    Thinkpad R52 problem

    I have Problem While Booting Mac Osx 10.4.7 jas Version Intel-AMD SSe2 - SSe3 here A pic of that The Problem Any One Can help Me Fix that !!! here is Another pic those last two pics when i were trying to install mac by vmware Station 5 And here is A pic When Booting Normally With Out Vmware it is stop here , and nothing happens !!!!!!
  10. kebomix

    مشكلة فى تنصيب الماك

    السلام عليكم انا بعد ما حرقت الدى فى دى بتاع النسخه لقيت ملف text اسمه BOOT Help وده اللى فى فى الملف The boot: prompt waits for you to type advanced startup options . If you don't type anything, the computer continues starting up normally. It uses the kernel and configuration files on the startup device, which it also uses as the root device. Advanced startup options use the following syntax: [device]<kernel> [arguments] Example arguments include device: rd=<BSD device name> (e.g. rd=disk0s2) rd=*<IODeviceTree path> (e.g. rd=*/PCI0@0/CHN0@0/@0:1) kernel: kernel name (e.g. "mach_kernel" - must be in "/" ) flags: -v (verbose) -s (single user mode), -x (safe mode) -F (ignore boot configuration file) "Graphics Mode"="WIDTHxHEIGHTxDEPTH" (e.g. "1024x768x32") For VESA 3.0 graphics, you may append a refresh rate after an "@" character (e.g. "1280x1024x32@75") kernel flags (e.g. debug=0x144) io=0xffffffff (defined in IOKit/IOKitDebug.h) Example: mach_kernel rd=disk0s1 -v "Graphics Mode"="4096x4096x32@85" If the computer won't start up properly, you may be able to start it up using safe mode. Type -x to start up in safe mode, which ignores all cached driver files. Special booter commands: ?memory Displays information about the computer's memory. ?video Displays VESA video modes supported by the computer's BIOS. Additional useful command-line options: config=<file> Use an alternate Boot.plist file. platform=ACPI|X86PC Use either ACPI or non-ACPI platform support. Options useful in the com.apple.Boot.plist file: "Boot Graphics"=Yes|No Use graphics mode or text mode when starting . "Quiet Boot"=Yes|No Use quiet boot mode (no messages or prompt). Timeout=8 Number of seconds to pause at the boot: prompt. يا ريت حد يفهمنى الكلام ده معناه ايه
  11. kebomix

    ماهو VMware-server

    السلام عليكم لو سمحتم كنت عاوز اعرف ايه هو VMware-server ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
  12. kebomix

    مشكلة فى تنصيب الماك

    على فكره انا حاسس ان الاسطوانه اتنسخت غلط وكمان فى حاجاه عاوز اسأل عليها هى نسخة الماك بتنزل على دى فى دى 4,7 gb OR 8,5 gb لان الملف الايزو مساحته 4,6 gb !!11
  13. kebomix

    Cool writing

    It Is Arabic language My Friend So , It is For All Arab not For Egyptians Only
  14. السلام عليكم انا نزلت نسخة ماك Mac OSX 10.4.7 Jas version- intel -AMD وحرقتها على دى فى دى وعندى لاب توب ibm r52 لما بشغل الاسطوانه وبضغط F8 وبعدها Enter بيظهرلى Drawing X86 وبعدها يجيلى شاشه رمادى وفى الوسط شعار ابل ويفضل واقف على كده ومش بيعمل اى Processing يا ريت حد يساعدنى ويعرفنى احل المشكله دى ازاى لانى محتاج انزل ماك ضرورى