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  1. System config file '/com.appleBoot.plist' not found

    I burned at 4x (slowest mine allows) two seperate times, im going to try booting into ubuntu and redoing it since I did it from windows the first time.I searched before I posted this so ive already tried changing some of the settings and made sure my optical drive was set to master. I actually put this disc in with nothing connected but the dvd drive and I still get the same error.Also I am using a p5b asus mother board with a core 2 duo E6300 if that helps anyone think of anything. THanks. Update: I hooked up an external dvd and it seems to be getting further into the install now. Just incase anyone runs into this problem I will keep this post updated till I get it installed.
  2. Can someone tell me what issue I am experiencing? I downloaded the kalyway file and have tried burning it with 2 seperate programs, when I boot the only thing I get is "System config file '/com.appleBoot.plist' not found. It blinks and if I hit F8 I can get to a boot: prompt. It will not let me do much else, anything I type just brings me back to the original error message. I have a formatted hard drive and its the only one plugged in right now.