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  1. Hello! I'm trying to use the VMWare display driver in a virtual MacOS/X instance in QEmu (KVM) running MacOS/X . I known, that the orginal driver is not supported anymore, so I'm trying to use the VMWare Fusion 7.0 driver (VMwareGfx.kext). But the driver is not used and I tried many things. The kernel seems to load the driver, but cannot use it?! gfx: Loaded com.vmware.kext.VMwareGfx Version 0230.49.77 Build 2304977 (Nov 20 2014 14:49:06) gfx: svga: Start: Traces not available gfx: gfx: start: svgaDev.Start failed. I specified the "-vga vmware" option when starting qemu, but it makes no difference to the "-vga std" option. Any tips what to check or to try? Or maybe there is an existing manual available? (I tried the old and unsupported Svga2 driver (1.2.5), but it hangs during boot.)
  2. Networkboot

    Did anybody tried to boot an OS with EFI support (like Linux) from the Net? I think this would give some insights to the hardware, EFI and may help to understand the new booting process. The EFI does support booting from the Net!
  3. Linux Jumps on the EFI Train

    I tought the EFI features a virtual machine, so there is no need for assembly here?! I am wrong? Ok, Apple is based on a Uni* too, but as a developer for Linux, I need Linux itself. And I can do this on an Apple it would be nice... The advantage having a second Uni* on my machine (here BSD), is to improve code quality by testing the applications on another type of Uni*.