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  1. Atom x7 z8750 and bootloader

    Hello, I'm trying to boot an OSX (macOS) install (El Capitan or Yosemite) on a GPD Pocket. It has an Atom x7 z8750 intel processor and an UEFI bios. I've prepared an installation USB key as usual with MBR and two partition - EFI and install_osx partition. I've used createmedia to make the bootable USB drive as always. When i try to boot from USB i only get a black screen. Clover won't load at all. No logo, no splash. No errors. Can't do anything. I've searched a bit on Google and found a flag to write debug log files on usb but it doesn't work. No files are written. Laptop just hang on black screen (backlight on) and do nothing as i select my UEFI usb drive as boot device. There is anything i can do to just arrive at least to the boot screen? I've tried latest Clover version and some random old version just to be sure that wasn't a bug introduced lately for my architecture (that's pretty new...) Version tried: 400x 39xx 38xx 35xx There are bootloader more convenient to boot on Atom devices? I'm new to patched kernel so i need to patch kernel to get Clover run ? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!