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  1. I would also be very grateful for a solution to this problem. I get the hanging blue screen whenever switching video mode (setting to mirror or unplugging a monitor) and cannot seem to wake the display after it goes to sleep. I can switch the order of my monitors without a crash (change primary and secondary). I have a Asus G74SX Laptop with a GTX 560m running 10.8. My log when switching to Mirror mode: 7/30/12 11:34:50.000 PM kernel[0]: NVDA(DMA): Channel exception! exception type = 0x1f = Fifo: MMU Error 7/30/12 11:34:55.000 PM kernel[0]: 00000069
  2. Has anyone tried the modified bios with the MSI P35 Platinum motherboard? The latest bios is v18. http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=do...9&type=bios