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  1. Performance drops time to time

    Didn't managed to get this working so far..
  2. Performance drops time to time

    It seems I have wrongly diagnosed my issue. Your suggestions seems to be helpful anyways, it looks like system now a little more stable. Btw still does not fixed my shutdown issue. I have determined dependency of the main problem,, the system become laggy after idle for a while. Let say if I keep computer untouched for 10 mins it will probably laggy after mouse/keyboard action. Now I even don't know how to google this, because my power saving setting are set 1h to power display. I don't know what happens in idle that makes system poorly responsiveness.
  3. Performance drops time to time

    Hi Hervé, Thanks a lot, I will try your suggestion.
  4. Performance drops time to time

    Also I have created IOReg dump. I bet, this can be useful. zen - ioreg_dump.zip
  5. Hey mate, have you tried https://github.com/toleda/audio_CloverALC for sound? It helped me for various ALCs.
  6. Performance drops time to time

    I've got suggestion from ^Squirrel^ to enable P C States in clover and see if that help. I have enabled and this does not help so far. Also I dumped logs right after performance drop. Not sure if thats contains useful information related to that drops. Here is syslog output right on the time when my rig started lagging: ^^ Perf. drop happened at 21:54 For me there is nothing related to problem. Also I have saved few suspicious logs, but time not matching to the fact of perf. issue. Attaching them as well. ScreenSaverEngine_2017-09-02-220150_zen.cpu_resource.diag.zip WindowServer_2017-09-06-214036_zen.wakeups_resource.diag.zip
  7. Hello guys. I have successfully installed Sierra on my Gigabyte Z97n gaming 5. I have in my rig: Gigabyte Z97n gaming 5 Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Nvidia GTX 1060 (Web Drivers installed) Also I can share any additional info about my setup if thats required. For the moment everything works great except two things. My hackintosh sometimes start to performing very slow for approximately one minute. I have checked Activity Monitor processes and haven't noticed any weird or high resource dependent task. Everything just become very laggy, except graphical animations (for example no lag in dock reveal animation and in launchpad everything is smooth and not laggy from GPU perspective), so I suppose there is an issue with CPU, maybe with power management, but I'm not sure, because this problem is new to me. Second issue is not much serious, bet likely to be fixed. It is halt/reboot time. It may take up to 1.5 minute. I have used latest Clover distribution to boot in to hack. Attached my EFI/clover directory. To make video works i have used Lilu kext and NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext For audio audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0f3 I tried to fix slowness issue using ssdtPRGen.sh script, whats i done is run ./ssdtPRGen.sh (without any args as I remember) and then put resulting ssdt.aml (not included to clover archive for the moment) to the patched folder of clover. But this has no impact. Sometimes I'm facing with performance drops as usual. This is very critical to me to fix this because I'm studying now to produce music and any perf drop leads to situation which is blocks me completely. Guys, really appreciate your time investment to help me. Here is Geekbench teasing result, may be useful, I don't know. CLOVER_without_ssdt.zip