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  1. wich linux for powermac g3 300mhz

    try Xubuntu PPC or, if they make it, a PPC edition of feather linux, puppy linux, or damn small. they have window managers that wont kill ur system. (im leaning on Xubuntu, but u'll need 256mb ram). damn small and the other distros i listed ran on my 90mhz p1
  2. New website for Natit releases

    Can't download :-/
  3. $2.50 wireless solution :)

    my uncle gave me this wireless USB adaptor, and, unlike my 50 buck Netgear USB adaptor, this thing came with Linux and OS X drivers! (which is great since i use Linux) http://search.ebay.com/zydas_W0QQfromZR40 also, the thread for the driver is here: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...&hl=zydas&st=40 hope this helps someone to find a very cheap wireless solution (yeah i know, shipping is 18 buck :-/ krzy...) LOL
  4. Google supports pirating?

    thats because a google spider is indexing that site at the moment. Ask, Altavista, google, and other search engines use spiders to get data from websites, and for forums, they "make their self known" by being user "Google" or "AskJeeves" dont worry, the first time i seen "google" as a user @ a forum, i was like O.o
  5. Jas 10.4.6 DVD installation help

    ^ my chipset is supported, cuz im on OS X 10.4.1 right now. LOL When i Mount the .ISO file on the mac, it shows All the needed files. also, when i mount the .iso file on Linux Live, it shows all the files too. but when i Mount the DVD iso 9660 on Linux or Mac, it shows only about... 8 files, and not even a Kernel or a patch :-/ (btw, i dont use windows, just Linux, and now a mac) well, anyways, im DL the Jas 10.4.6 file from demonoid.com now, and its gonna take a while, hopefully someone will give an explanition why my iso file wont burn right :-/. btw, i DL the file form Piracy bay.
  6. Jas 10.4.6 DVD installation help

    I downloaded the .iso from this torrent: JaS_10.4.6_Install_dvd.3471683.TPB.torrent The problem is that the DVD doesn't boot at all, because it's missing files (such as the kernel) when i burn it. I really dont know what to do, because it's the first time i have ever seen a problem like this :?
  7. This is quite odd, I've downloaded 10.4.6 under 10.4.1, and the MD5sum is correct. So i boot up my Slax Live CD to use K3b to burn the .iso onto my DVD. I've tried booting that DVD, but my bios keeps on going streight to OS X. So, i thought something happened during burning... 4 DVDs later, i finally get the idea to Mount the DVD and look at the files in that DVD. For some reason, the DVD only contains about 8 files, not a single folder, or even the kernal or the Patch:-/ The ISO had a LOT more data then the DVD did... I've even tried burning it using K3b on my Ubuntu Live CD. and still no luck :-/ currently, i only have 1 OS on my PC, which os 10.4.1, and i have two working Live CDs: Slax and Ubuntu. My PC is a Vaio with a P4 w/ HT advice would be greatly needed because i only have 1 more blank DVD left
  8. I currently have 10.4.1, and it cant even shutdown/restart properly :-/ I'll have to go to the terminal and use "sudo shutdown -asdf now" to shutdown/restart because the shutdown option on the GUI doesn't really do anything... and when it starts to shutdown, i see that Gray Apple Logo with the circle in the bottom revolving over and over and over, so i just end up holding the power button for 8 seconds. :-/ I've tried a few BT clients to see if i can dl a new version (I lost 160gb of data when i installed OS X... Whoops...) but they keep on not responding to me :-/ I got a prepatched Marklar-tiger.iso from Rapidshare.de (i love you who ever uploaded it ) Im guessing that Updating would solve my problems, but... is there http or ftp links to obtain the updates? (I think this is on the gray side of the forum, so can you PM or email weeneedhelp at gmail dot com the links?) or if you cant do that, can you tell me How i can update? because i only have 1 OS right now, and that's this 10.4.1...... :-/ (btw i do have a few Linux Live CDs, but only my Slax has a BT client on it... which doesn't launch :-/)
  9. Rune Scape problems?

    Im running 10.4.1 right now, and when i go to www.runescape.com to play Rune Scape, OS X either gives me the "Please hold down your power button for quite a while tell it restarts" message, or nothing happends :-/ for all of you who dont know, RS is a MMORPG thats been around for about 10 years that runs on Java... and it does not work for me is anyone else seeing this problem too? im on a SEE2 P4 btw
  10. StarCraft...???

    I got the 10.4.1 Marklar-tiger.iso ... and i can only get to the screen settings menu :-/ nothing comes after that.. Uhh... I'm forced to play SC on Linux now, since im lacking XP :-/ (which means i have to install linux again-i accadently lost 160gb of data when i installed OS X86) neways... SC works Fine under Wine
  11. What exactly is in the patches?

    I can only help you with #4 the answer is No, because the Apple OS X DVD is in .dmg format, not .iso wish i could help you more :-/ (or help myself )
  12. Mac Mini in your car

    Cops around my area have that kind of setup, except that they use windows. kinna cool all i need is a flood light then
  13. Linux Needs...

    how long have you been on linux? all that requires you to be good @ linux is reading 1 linux book, really. the ownership is ez, expecially if ur the only user on ur pc , just type chmod 777 for a file that's not important. and Ubuntu is a debian base. so if u want to become root, dont go su and then password jsut type chmod and then the w/e as the argument. so it'll be sudo mount ____ ____ not that hard anyways... i just want My Photoschop CS2 , i can sorta use GIMP, but i like PS