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  1. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Hi, I have the eVGA 680i and having read this thread it seems it's not even worth my while trying to get my (now finally stable) Leopard built to work with this driver. Can anyone recommend a modern wireless USB dongle that I can just plug in that will work straight away with no driver installs needed? Preferably Netgear as I have a Netgear router (I like continuity).
  2. OK. It all worked this time. No networking. Does anyone know of a fully-compatible 108mbps wireless usb dongle for Leopard that will require no driver install?
  3. Ok - problem. Installed Kalyway update, didn't restart, installed graphics package, left all as default as per your recommendation, restarted. Let it restart twice, *now* it loads Leopard, then when the bootscreen is finished loading the screen goes black and monitor goes to Power Save. Clearly a graphics error. Is it rectifiable?
  4. OMG IT HAS FINALLY WORKED! I HAVE BOOTED LEOPARD. I HAVE SOUND! Ok: SO, to fix the boot thing I thought I'd better tell you since I did it by guesswork, and you wouldn't normally do it. Anyway: I have an SSE3 processor, but out of frustration I installed the SSE2 kernel (obviously it wouldn't boot), then erased the drive and reinstalled with SSE3; all boot errors fixed themselves!
  5. Hi Got the install going. Now I get a GRUB Boot Error 17. I know this is some kind of partition error. How do I fix this? I'm not attempting to dual boot; I've installed OS X on a freshly formatted partition with HFS+ and MBR. (hardware in sig)
  6. Cannot see Hard Drives when choosing install location in iAtkos. * Intel Core2Duo E6700 2.66GHz * 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM * nVidia 8800GTX 768mb * eVGA 680i SLi Motherboard * 80GB Seagate 7200rpm SATA (previously recognised under Kalyway, and viewable in BIOS)
  7. Nothing Going to Plan

    I've decided to attack it from a new angle; I'm going to go the iAtkos route using the nForce guide; it seems to come very close to matching my hardware requirements (well, it deals with nforce), and has an easy-to-follow guide that should be harder to {censored}-up on. If that fails, I'm crawling back to Vista.
  8. Nothing Going to Plan

    ok. I'll remove one card. Part 2: Now at the grey loading screen with the f***ing grey apple c**t I get a No Entry Logo in a white box. What does that mean? It's obviously not good news. Thanks for your help so far.
  9. Nothing Going to Plan

    Thank you very much. Rather than removing the whole card (because I am lazy), will unplugging the SLi Bridge do the trick?
  10. Nothing Going to Plan

    Hello Everyone, I really didn't want to be a complete pain in the arse, but I've now reached the end of my tether. Firstly, I'll preface this with the fact that yes, I am new to this and secondly, I'm not great with terminal, so I'll need babyspeak. Thanks. Right,So I have spend the past 12 hours attempting to install Leopard onto my PC! and it hasn't worked! My children are all dead as a result! Here are my complete computer specs that, as far as I can tell are relevant: Intel Core2Duo E6700 2.66GHz 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM 2x nVidia 8800GTX eVGA 680i SLi Motherboard (from reading around it would appear this is the trouble maker) 80GB Seagate 7200rpm SATA (though this has caused me no problems as I have been able to write to it) So: I downloaded Kabyly (or whatever his name is)'s 10.5.2 Leopard DVD after reading that he's the most noob friendly. I read the 10.5.1 step-by-step blog for newbies on your wiki, printed it out and then thought "weyhey let's do this" - whilst taking into account that this was 10.5.2 and thus solved some of the issues in that blog. The problems: The main problem I encounter is that my desktop boots up post-install happily, gets to the grey screen when it's loading the OS with the darker grey apple logo, then shows a message in several languages saying you need to reboot your PC. First time I thought no problem, Apple, I love you, and rebooted. Only to be greeted with the same message. About 3,325 attempts later I scream when I am presented with this message. 1st time - left everything as default in the setup, merely formatted hdd to HFS+ Journaled whatever - you know, the one you should do, etc blahblah and checked the NVinject 768mb driver install.It did the reboot thing. 2nd time, same again, changed nvinject driver to just the nvinject one (no memory specification) - reboot screen. Read online. Read about kernel stuff changing things.to cut a long story short:I can boot with the nforce kernel and the modbin kernel (providing with the modbin kernel I use the cpus=1 variable). The latter I left, and started to hunt for drivers for my 680i mobo. The second I installed the NVinject.pkg from within leopard, after being told to reboot I was back to square one facing the please reboot screen during the grey apple bootscreen. Clearly I just need to fiddle a bit more to get the configuration sorted, and I was wondering if anyone with an eVGA 680 mobo could help me! A step by step guide from the second I insert the DVD would be the most useful, but obviously takes the most time, so a simple "here's your problem" will also be most welcome! Thanks in advance, Ben Update:Trying another combination right now:Vanilla with no drivers.Oh, and I can obviously download another .iso if I have dowloaded the wrong release for my hardware. Update 2: IT CAN'T SEE MY HARD DRIVES WTF ARE YOU YOU LEOPARDY NINJA I WANT MY HARD DRIVES. (yes, my bios sees them) Update 3:Ok found my hard drives again. going ahead with vanilla kernel/no drivers install.I feel like I'm in a cave with a long beard talking to my cave paintings.With OS X installing in the background, of course.