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  1. bump i need this sold its just sitting here waiting to be shipped already restored
  2. 700 shipped including me covering insurance costs.
  3. *SOLD* FS 2 3G iPhones

    Both phones have been sold thanks
  4. I have tried to take pictures of it but cant get it to show up. Really its just the normal swirly light scratch marks that all these get no matter how much you take care of it unless it never leaves a desk. I can wait no problem and yes that price will include shipping just let me know
  5. Well just let me know its still for sale.
  6. Here are some pictures that I just took of it Let me know if there is anything else I can help anyone with
  7. I am selling our extra MacBook like the title says its the 2 GHZ C2D model. It is still under apple warranty until April 2009 from what apples website is saying with the serial number and apple care can be added anytime before then. I am looking to get 700 shipped for this machine. It has normal wear and tear on it nothing major looks like all the rest of the macbooks around this age. When I got the computer the seller did not include the original cds or books just the computer and power cable is all I got,but I will include a copy of Leopard with it I might be able to call apple and see if I can get replacement cds sent to me if its a major problem. If I get the original cds I will keep Leopard. I do have a macbook box that the unit will be shipped in it will be double boxed also. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like pictures I would be happy to email them to anyone interested. PS Love the new look of the website
  8. *SOLD* FS 2 3G iPhones

    I was wanting to get 425 shipped this phone is the one with applecare on it
  9. *SOLD* FS 2 3G iPhones

    Thank you for the purchase great buyer by the way
  10. *SOLD* FS 2 3G iPhones

    I was going to try to get 425 for it is what I was shooting for. Since it already has the 70 dollar applecare on it.
  11. *SOLD* FS 2 3G iPhones

    8 gig is sold thank you kinkster still for sale is the 16 with applecare
  12. Buying iPhone 3G

    I have 2 for sale on here I posted up yesterday I am also a verified paypal member and will only ship inside the US
  13. *SOLD* FS 2 3G iPhones

    I have 2 3G iPhones I need to sell first one is a black 16 gig I have had and used since Oct 08 and has apple care on it good till Oct 2010. Only reason Im selling is I got me a white one and like it better. 2nd one is a 8 gig pretty much NIB best buy had to open the box to get the sim card out. It was purchased just this month and I have the receipt if needed to go with it. I got me a white phone off craigslist for cheap guy said it had water damage but when it came it, it worked so lucky me. When my wife saw the white one she fell in love wtih it and wanted one for herself ( she hated the way the black one looked and couldnt use the one I had) So I got her I white one off ebay at the time I didnt want to sign another contract for her phone but didnt know I would have to anyways so I was stuck with signing a contract for her white one. At the time I signed the contract for her phone I purchased the 8 gig black 3G for the contract price so I could turn around and sell it. Please let me know if you would like pictures I can take a few and would be glad to email them to anyone. Also Im open to offers but please no low balling I know what these things bring not under contract Thanks for looking and reading my explination hopefully its understandable. Jerry
  14. "Broken" Macbook Pro 15"

    Very interested. Is it still for sale? Kind of a weird question but would you be interested in 8 GB 3G iphone plus cash for this? iPhone has never been used. Please let me know Thanks Jerry