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    JHeartyP reacted to MacPeet in AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching   
    hello @vandroiy2012
      I have one more codec for Realtek ALC236 for Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK.   Resources_new236.zip   LayoutID 15 (0F)   all works good   can you please added the new codec?   many thanks
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    JHeartyP got a reaction from EVOC in [pre-release] macOS High Sierra   
    Clover 4097. High Sierra dp2
    install for uefi booting only
    install clover in the esp
    themes - bgm
    drivers64uefi - emuvariableuefi-64
    drivers64uefi - osxaptiofixdrv-64
    then placed apfs.efi and hfsplus.efi into drivers64uefi
    make sure you chose the correct install location for clover
    also you need to place all the essential kexts into clover/kexts/other folder (fakesmc, etc).
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    JHeartyP got a reaction from EVOC in [pre-release] macOS High Sierra   
    I successfully installed High Sierra onto my Kaby Lake Lenovo v510, however I'm struggling with graphics - what is the proper ig-platform-id I should be using to load the kaby lake graphics drivers? I completed the installation with a bogus ig-platform-id since I wasn't sure which one to use and it would kp otherwise. 
    i5-7200u, Intel HD 620.
    my first guess would be 0x59160000, is this correct?