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  1. Sweet mercy, thank you nyolc8. I can boot without -v every time. From cold boot to desktop in under 20 seconds now!
  2. Anyone else notice the SSD trim enabler doesn't work after updating to 10.9.4?
  3. I'm running a GTX 760 using the nVidia driver built into 10.9.4. Is there any advantage to the web driver (besides having the nVidia pref pane)? Thx.
  4. iMessage is a known issue since 10.8. I haven't tried this in 10.9 but it worked fine for me in 10.8:
  5. legends74

    Nvidia 660ti/760 question - Hackintosh

    I have a gtx 760 with the latest chameleon boot loader and see the screen just fine.
  6. This is embarrassing , figured out my problem while installing HWMonitor (app that shows system temps, fan rpm, etc). I was missing FakeSMC.kext in S/L/E. Installed that along with HWMonitor and can boot normally... added bonus GTX 760 appears to work out of box with acceleration in 10.9! Now going to check on the small stuff like audio and bluetooth.
  7. Hi MoP, I have a Gigabyte z87x-ud4h + GTX 760 running Mavericks Dev Preview with the same exact issue. Can boot fine in safe mode (-x) but booting normally I'm stuck at PCI configuration begin. Tried what you've tried and no luck. Hope you find a solution. If I find a fix I'll post back and hopefully it will help you as well