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  1. ok so i started out with windows vista, and created a partition with diskpart, popped the kalyway 10.5.2 disk in and erased new partition, and then installed leopard. leopard installed fine, but when i restart darwin bootloader shows up and ask if i want to boot into Leopard, or Unknown drive(vista). when i hit Leopard nothing happens...can anyone help me?
  2. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    the website doesn't have anything...plus osx86 have been here for almost a couple of years...and we still have not came up with solutions for all the drivers yet....false promises if u ask me....one install disk for all pc is too magical; like free sex.
  3. max RAM?

    depends on your computer or laptop....its more of a hardware support issue rather than what leopard can handle....like my laptop can handle a max of 2gb. all the macbooks supports up to 4gb and the mac pros can do 16gb if i'm not mistaken.
  4. Intel 2915 a/b/g problems with IWI2200 10.5

    uhhh.....thats not good...i just bought the 2915abg on ebay to replace my 3945abg....=*(
  5. HP built in WEBCAM

    i wish i could, but i do not have the knowledge code.
  6. display sleep does not function | inspiron 9400

    you might want to try the leopard 10.5.2 graphics update, this can be downloaded from the apple website. it fixed my sleep problem.
  7. gma 950 quarts extreme

    ok i got my quartz extreme to show "supported," i just updated with the leopard graphics update...which can be found at the apple site. and i also got a link of some post on this website that enables different resolutions...so now i have 1280 x 800 widescreen; but i forgot where the link is. you can try searching it on http://######.com/osx86search/ edit: ...didn't read all the post....so i guess this was already fixed....
  8. HP built in WEBCAM

    um my altec lansing works just fine....my built in mic don't work, and no headphones....
  9. HP built in WEBCAM

    i tried macam....it does not work...and somehow it's not native...when i look at the system profiler, it has a USB DEVICE could that be the hp webcam....without the driver??? osx is recognizing a device but has no idea what it is??? hey sticman...those files you sent me??? can you give me instructions on how to load them? or where they go?
  10. I give away my miniPCIe 3945 for free

    jalavoui needs one!!!!
  11. problem fixed....used apple leopard graphics update
  12. Headphones

  13. i know that my intel GMA 950 supports Quartz Extreme because apple used this chipset for some of their macbooks...but when i went to system profiler it states that its not supported. is there any way of activating this...i know that theres an article on wiki that says you can activate it by editing some kext files...but it does not show how.
  14. my posts are not showing up...

    thanks guys for helping especially numberzz
  15. for some reason my post does not show up and the search function won't work, i've tried using my history bar to locate my post and when i click on it, it said that the link is broken or that the post is out dated.