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  1. Yes, I also updated through 'software update' today - went without a hitch.
  2. Eliade, you're an absolute star! I went through your guide and did everything as per your instructions - took me about 2 hours, including the installation - but the screen resolution irked me. So I thought I'd try your DSDT file instead of the one I patched myself... and it worked! Beautifully, too! Many, many thanks for the work you put in this and for sharing it with us n00bs.
  3. I beg to differ. Most Windows users do not do modding and component selection - except for power users, and they're in the minority. Most Windows users do, however, go to the shop and select from various models - depending on price and what the saleperson tells them about the machine, plus the advertising they were exposed to. So they are used to a greater variety and are used to being able to choose. So you are right about the different mental makeup in the win/mac userbase - and yes, quite a few might want to check out osx - if the price is right. Totally agree with that. Also, the business world (and to some extent, the schools) are mostly Windows - and people get used to the Windows way of working and continue with the devil they know. But having the osx on clones option might persuade a few more - who might not be prepared to shell out the premium price of a Mac just for the sake of sleek design - to adopt it; and then, as the user base grows, applications will follow. Personally, after trying out Vista I got so p-d with Microsoft I switched to Linux, except for a few work projects where I have to use Windows - so I'm not a fanatic fanboi or hater of any OS out there; but I'd like to see MS clipped somewhat - the situation as it is at the moment is not healthy. And I also think Apple could do with a bit of competition in its own back yard - they might rethink their pricing policy/business model.
  4. The Hackintosh: Delivered

    That's a really good idea. Practically, though, how would that be done? Say, hypothetically, I'm a small computer (PC) builder and I want to LICENCE Kalyway, or another OSX hack to offer to my customers in addition to Linux and/or Windows... Who do I deal with? Who is the OSX86 "community"? Serious question. (BTW, I installed the AMD Leopard 10.5.2 on my Shuttle SN26P - sound (onboard Via Envy24), sleep and shutdown do not work, everything else does. Neither Kalyway nor Leo4all v3 managed to install.)