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  1. 10.5.5 Update

    I have a bit of a problem... I installed the 10.5.5 update. Since I had EFI I thought it would be safe to update, but it kernel panicked about halfway through. I tried to reinstall the system, but now, the system doesn't boot. I boot with -v and the last thing it says before hanging is : ERROR: Firewire security mode cannot be detected, defaulting to whatever (unsecure, I think) Any ideas? I'd kind of perfer not to reformat the Leopard partition...
  2. I've searched this thread and I don't think anyone is having the same issue I am... After rebooting a second time, it wanted me to fix the security settings again, so I clicked fix. Now, the touchpad is overly sensitive, but I can kill and restart FFScrollDaemon. Starting FFScroll manually has no effect, and double clicking the program from Finder gives me an error : /Library/StartupItems/FFScroll/FFScroll ; exit; /Library/StartupItems/FFScroll/FFScroll: line 25: $1: unbound variable logout [Process completed]