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  1. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Released

    I just downloaded it and got it installed in Parallels. So far so good. I'm connected to the web perfectly...everything seems to be working.
  2. xMod - Easy Leopard mods

    I really have no idea. Is it giving you an error message? Or is it just not functioning? With my copy it works fine. Make sure you have the newest version, and email me if you have more problems. Oh, and make sure you hit the checkbox, then the apply button, then the restart button.
  3. I made a ton of scripts... -"OCD My Windows" is a fairly easily moddable script, tat when run, puts the windows of all the stuff I usually have open into it's place. But I don't give that one out to anyone...ask my privately if you want it. -"Auto Reply Bot" AKA CarterBot is a huge script for the Leopard version of ichat. It has a huge list of text triggers that anyone you're talking to can say, and it will react instantly with a programmed or random answer. Again, also by request only... -"Change Play Count" is a short script for iTunes that allows the user to edit the selected song's play count...that will be available in the next version of xMod, so I'm not giving out the script file just yet. I have written bunches and bunches for my application, xMod, and even more just for my convenience. I consider myself an AppleScript and AppleScript Studio master, so if anyone needs a custom script, just let me know!
  4. MacUpdate Promo has just started a new software bundle offer, for $65, that includes a ton of great applications, supposedly totaling over $400 worth. Just one catch: the 3 top products in the bundle are only unlocked if certain amounts of bundles sold are reached. The bundle includes: -Hazel -Art Text -MenuBarCalendarClock -Leap -Story Mill -Typinator -DVDRemaster Pro -Sound Studio (Locked until 5000 sold) -BannerZest (Locked) -Parallels Desktop (Locked) More information about each product: MUPromo.com I bought 1. I encourage you to do the same, 'cause if nobody else does, then I lose out on Parallels.
  5. xMod - Easy Leopard mods

    It definitely is in there, check the dock panel, under the 3D/2D settings.
  6. xMod - Easy Leopard mods

    It isn't copywritten as software...it's an RC car. Creative labs has an Xmod product...it's widely used. I totally agree about OnyX, and thanks for pointing that out about the windows. Sorry I got all defensive, but I'm just too used to people comparing my app to OnyX, I was ready for a fight! The stack rollover effect... Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
  7. xMod - Easy Leopard mods

    You just had to go and put a damper on the whole discussion, didn't you? First of all, OnyX is a cluttered app. It has a ton of features, yes, but would be better split apart into specialty applications. Every time you open it up, windows pop up, progress bars start spinning, and all of the hidden settings are crammed into a single, ugly, tabbed interface. It doesn't give much information, and doesn't allow you to mess around with a bunch of settings before applying the changes and restarting Finder or whatever app you're modding. Wanna change the list view stripes in OnyX? Hit the box. Wait for finder. Wanna how the quit menu? Hit the box, wait for Finder. xMod can apply things before relaunching the application. A small but important feature. xMod also looks better. If you want an app that has a ton of stuff you don't need, and a long wait time to get to the stuff you do need, go with OnyX. If you want an app that puts settings right at your fingertips, right away, choose xMod. Alright that was kinda like an ad, but I just can't pass up opportunities to talk about my program. OnyX and xMod are very different programs...
  8. xMod - Easy Leopard mods

    It's an AppleScript studio app, but the toolbar uses Cocoa. Pretty simple, for most of it, just time consuming to type in all those dang defaults commands.
  9. xMod - Easy Leopard mods

    That was an error with the Menu Bar altering system (I'm the developer ). Thanks for complimenting my software. Xspinner was a copy cat...and incidentally, is not nearly as advanced. The newest version has a ton of features...but now I'm just sounding like an ad. As far as those stupid menus go, I have been trying and trying to fix them. No luck, sorry. If anyone finds a viable way to fix them, you can be sue to see it in xMod...god I hate those things... Any other suggestions for features? I'm always looking for constructive criticisms, except on bad days .