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  1. I've neem reading the topic, and as someone who is new to the platform I am having a hard time trying to follow what path I should take. My fans work, yet they only come on for short bursts and very high speeds when I am really working the computer. I would like to get them to work as they work during windows, they come on for a longer period yet at a lower volume.
  2. Variable speed Fan Control

    He might be talking about controlling the fan inside of his laptop. I am having trouble with mine right now, as in the fan (when the computer gets hot) just spins up really fast and loud for about 10-15 seconds and then turns off. Unlike windows where it is comes on for about a minute on a medium speed to cool down to inside. Is their a way to get OSX to do this as well?
  3. my leopard install on my TC4400

    Have you gotten OSx86 to work on your computer? If so how do you like it? Was it an easy proccess to get it all working? Are you dual booting as well? What about the tablet screen, did you get pen input set up? Sorry for all the questions I am just very interested in this and I too have a tc4400 that I might be trying to get OSx86 installed on.