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  1. FreeBSD and MacOS X (Darwin)

    i think this might tell you more of what you need to know http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XNU you can read this on apple's site starting on page 2. http://developer.apple.com/documentation/D..._section_3.html "Although the BSD layer of Mac OS X is derived from 4.4BSD, keep in mind that it is not identical to 4.4BSD. Some functionality of 4.4 BSD has not been included in Mac OS X. Some new functionality has been added. The cited reference materials are recommended for additional reading. However, they should not be presumed as forming a definitive description of Mac OS X." hope that helps
  2. i had to disable legacy usb support in my bios on my asus k8v-x se. you might give that a shot.
  3. http://www.opendarwin.org/~bbraun/darwin8/ i'm not sure if this works yet. but if I read it right, it is the darwin 8x source code modified to run without SSE2. I'm not sure how useful this would be to making the gui work. But I wonder if it might make the little things like kextd work. It may just be something. anyways, the author talks some about it in a mail archive here. http://www.opendarwin.org/pipermail/hacker...May/005077.html
  4. yeah QEMU was a waste of time. it's either time for me to upgrade, or wait another year when the real thing comes out and see what happens.
  5. I have an amd 3000+ processor with a socket A soyo kt600 rev 2 motherboard. booting os x went immediatley into a kernel panic just like evolver's error. Even in vmware just like with teirh. So turning of things in bios, or removing cards is probobly your answer if this happens. In my case I had to turn of USB, and then it worked! Another way around this for me was to use "platform=X86PC" and pressing enter when given the choice of boot options. it boots until it gets to the window server which just never loads. i could boot using -s under boot options to single user mode with no problems, but the GUI does not load nativley or using VMware for me. To answer your question bugmenot Vmware will not emulate SSE 2. It's not an emulator at all. It will load the os but it can not start the window server. The only way I could get the os to load all the way was using qemu. A cpu emulator which actually does emulate SSE 2. But it wasn't usable. It took at least 5 minutes just to open an application. For my video card I have an NVIDIA 6800 Ultra, and my onboard sound, nic, etc are not supported by this release os x. I found this out using qemu and checking apple system profiler. So no quarts extreme, no interenet, no sound or anything else even if it did work. For the most part no it doesn't really work. But if you can make it work you will be my hero
  6. go to www.xlr8yourmac.com and look at the drive compatibility database. i've had problems in my mac trying to boot the os x install cd. in fact I get stuck with the same message. the installer is very picky and only supports certain models of drives. if I change the drive to something like a samsung sw-232 which is supported os x boots and installs just fine.