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  1. Thank you very much again. It worked perfectly. Now i have few issues to fix (VGA, Network) but it should be ok. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, thank you both for your replies. I'm giving another try to iAtkos with the drivers you've mentioned and i also just got iDeneb in case it won't work. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, i have this weird issue that i can't fix. I'll try to keep it short. About a year ago i've installed iAtkos 2 on a USB HDD on my old laptop. Later i realized that i can just connect that drive to my desktop and simply run OSX from there with no issues except the obvious USB speed limitations. Now i've decided to install iAtkos v7 on an internal SATA drive. I've followed all instructions and the install seemed successful each time (about 20 installs)...only that when i'm booting from HDD, it stoppes at "still waiting for root device". I've connected the USB drive directly trough SATA (took it out of the case) and i get the same result even though i know the OSX instalation on that one is healthy. How come USB boot is ok while SATA isn't??? My specs are these: MB Asus PK-5 CPU Intel Q6600 VGA Nvidia 8600 GT 512 I'm sure it's a bios setting problem but this mobo has limited options and i kinda tryed any possible combination of settings. I'm getting desperate.... Anyone with a P5-K that could tell me what bios setting work? Thanks in advance
  4. After months of trying most releases out there, just when i was about to stop trying i decided to try installing on a brand new usb hard drive. I used iAtkos v2.0 but i'm sure Leo4All v3 would work as well. Previously, my desktop would refuse to install correctly video, lan and audio card. This time i tried to install first on my laptop knowing that i can't harm my Win XP install and all my precious docs. Setups: Laptop: HP Pavilion 6000 Intel Duo 1.66 2 GB RAm Geforce 7400-256 Mb LAN/WiFi- intel pro Audio Realtek HD Desktop: Asus p5k Intel q6600 quad Ram 2 Gb Geforce 8600 512 Mb Attansic LAN Realtek HD The installation (done on the laptop) went smoooooth...no issues, no panics. The Wifi is still not working and i don't expect it to be fixed soon but i've bought an ZyXEL usb WIFi thing that doesn't work so i'll have to change it The sound works but only with the onboard spekers (no headphones, no mic) Chep usb sound card works perfectly thow. Web cam-not working and i won't put much effort into it yet Geforce indicates only 128 out of 256. Lan working. Even the volume and mute (quick) buttons are working. So far everything seems to work pretty fine just don't put it to sleep and don't allow screen to sleep. The BIG surprize was when i simply took the HDD and i've connected it to the desktop...because it just booted and most previous problems where gone and the one that bugged me the most (Geforce) is running fully OOB without even initially installing the right driver for it. I fixed the Attansic with the existing patch (if you have the card i'm sure you have the patch), i use my Creative Value usb for sond even thow i know i could fix the Realtek and that's about it. Even the volume and mute buttons on the keyboard are working here as well. My guess is that the instalations i attempted before didn't work coz, most probably, the HFS+ partition was made too "deep" on my C: drive so the sector must've been greater than it should've been but don't take my word for it coz i'm more or less an absolute noob...it's just a guess I don't know if this post really helps much but at least is cool to know that you can install Leo on a USB HDD and shock your friend by booting OSX from their own computers (as long as they would ever be compatible) For all those still in touble, good luck Cheers
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll get a new HDD specially for Leo and i'll try again. Cheers
  6. Sorry to disturb you again with few questions... Which DVD did u use for your install? I have the Attansic zip file (the same as your link) but i don't know how to install it (as mentioned, i'm a bit of an idiot when it come to deep computer stuff). Could you give me an idea of how to install the attansic drivers? I noticed you had to "fix" restart and about this Mac...In my case, they worked fine with no fixing needed. Could this be because of your MB reflash or because you used a different DVD to install (in my case it was always a iAtkos). Thank you
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm downoalding Loe4All and i'll try again. Flashing my MoBo...hmmmm...i'll give it a thought... take care
  8. Hi guys, after months of frustrations and a million post read, i give up and i ask for help. i'll skip my issues with previous releases (iAtkos 1 and kalyway) and i'll stick with iatkos v2.0 to explain my issues. System: CPU: intel q6600 quad @ 2.4 MB: asus pk5 RAM: 2 Gb DVD: Jmicron (IDE to SATA converted) Graphic card: nvidia 8600 GT, 512 ram Net card: AttansicL1Ethernet Sound card: realtek HD HDD: seagate 320 (50 Gb HFS+, the rest NTSC) Windows XP running as ususal The problems start early: I can't make partition active in terminal coz of some stupid error...therefore can't boot without DVD, f8, rd=disk0s5...i don't mind it that much Installation goes like a dream and i tryed different setups with different drivers and options...but i alwyas get the same issues: no drivers for graphic, net and audio cards... Yes i know they'r not supose to work natively but i got all needed patches and installers: NVinject- not working (installes but nothing changes) AttansicL1Ethernet scrips not working (coz i don't don't know how to use sudo) Realtek- not working but irrelevant coz i can use my creative USB I may need to write some permissions or so (i'm an absolute idiot when it comes to command lines and stuff like this) but i don't know how. I read many forums, here and virtually on any other site regarding hackintosh, but all i want is to have proper resolution for my display and internet connection Can anyone help me at least sove the net adapter drivers so i can search more how to fix the nVidia directly from the hack rather that my second computer. Thank you