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  1. I've installed parallels 4 for mac on my vanilla hackint0sh (cpu also supports VT extensions). Windows Server 2008 installs and runs with no problems, as does ubuntu. However when I try to install osx server the system boots up, but hangs just before the language selection screen - I get a beachball spinning round on the OSX server background which would run forever unless I killed the VM. I've tried vmware fusion and this has exactly the same problem. Other than this problem the system runs better than my new aluminum macbook. My specs are as follows; Intel C2D e8200 P35-DS3R 4GB Ram using EFI v9 Incidentally 10.5 server installs fine on my macbook and is a retail disk. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. I have a P35-DS3R & I've installed OSX 10.5 server successfully - everything is working fine. As this is going to be a server, I have no need for a graphics card - is there a way to boot OSX without a graphics card installed? The bios posts & will boot into windows without a graphics card installed so I know its not motherboard refusing to boot without a gfx card. With OSX it believe it is hanging at the darwin boot loader (although I'm not 100% sure of this). I intend to use screen sharing to connect to the server to manage it. I've done some googling and searching the forums but can't find anything - can anyone help?
  3. Using this method, is it neccessary to use the DSDT patcher? Could someone clarify what the DSDT patcher is for?
  4. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    You are wrong i'm afraid. If you are installing to another partition/disk this method works fine, it does all the install there and then cos the partition you are installing to isn't active, it doesn't run a script at startup. If you are installing to the partition which is currently active, this is true, it runs a startup script. I've tested this on 3 machines using the retail install method and it works flawlessly. Don't believe me? Try it!
  5. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    By far the easiest way I've found to deploy 10.5.2 (this method is not suitable for everyone) is if you have 2 installs of OSX. Here is the method I used 1) Boot up into one of your installations 2) Back up the kexts you want to keep (from the disk/partition you are not booted into) 3) Install 10.5.2 to the disk/partition that you are not booted up in. (When running the installer you have the option to choose where you want to install 10.5.2 to.) 4) Replace kexts you backed up (to the partition you are not booted into). 5) Reboot into your 10.5.2 Using this method there is no need to follow the guide by =-Devin-=
  6. Best option I think is to make a .sh script and run it through terminal...or an installer for n00bs would be great
  7. I was having issues booting to my retail 10.5.0 install - I think the kexts I was using were too new (both the ones in archive2.zip and filesv3.zip) and 10.5.0 didn't like them. Basically I followed LTL's guide up to, but not including, where he talks about installing the kexts. I then opened the OSX 10.5.2 combo update (by double clicking on the desktop - not via terminal) and installed it to the disk where i'd installed retail OSX. Cos your installing to another disk it doesnt require a reboot, nor does it install any startup script so there is no need to follow the widely published hackint0sh 10.5.2 update guide. I then continued to follow the guide by LTL and installed the kexts from the filesv3. Then I rebooted to the disk where i'd installed retail OSX + 10.5.2. I crossed my fingers and it booted up with no problems It took me through the regular new mac setup screens. When I checked in 'about this mac' it said I was running 10.5.2. So essentially i'd slipstreamed my install to 10.5.2. Not had any problems at all, and as I stated earlier, its a 99% virgin install running fast as hell on a GUID partition.
  8. Hey, You may want to update your guide for this. I followed all your steps but after i'd installed the retail image (10.5.0) I installed the 10.5.2 combo update immediately. I then followed the rest of your guide and applied all the kext files in your filesv3.zip. When I restarted it worked, no need to follow any guide of installing 10.5.2, it installed fine at 10.5.2. It booted as if I had a new mac - took me through the setup screens It works so much faster than the kalway install I was using and its 99% vanilla install. Cheers for the excellent guide.
  9. I have followed your install method from a retail 10.5.0 DVD. After I reboot to the disk where i've done the fresh install, it hangs. Ive tried both the Archive2 kexts and the files_v3 kexts. Are these kexts too new for 10.5.0?
  10. MacBook Pro

    I would say the fact leopard can be installed on a PC has converted me to mac. It gave me a chance to 'test drive' if you like the operating system before investing in an iMac. I think its gotta be doing apple a favor in the long run, this added to the fact that Windows Vista is must be giving them a welcomed boost in sales. I need a laptop and I'm really interested in buying a macbook pro, the only issue I have is if you take a Sony Vaio AR51 SU for example, not only is it lower priced by a considerable amount, but it has more features such as a blueray writer drive and a larger hard disk. I can justify the price of an iMac as it is an all in one sleek design, has all the features I would need in a PC - no other PC out there comes close to comparing to it as far as design goes. Can anyone justify the high price of the laptop range?
  11. I've just updated to the new AppleSMBIOS.kext but in system profiler it seems to have killed the memory info. It now says 'There was an error while gathering this information.' Any Ideas what i've done wrong?
  12. Installed the 10.5.2 update successfully + backed up my extensions. It seems to have my restart. Is any1 else having this problem/ found a solution? Also, I've successfully installed vista as a dual boot, however, when I select mac osx in the vista menu, it goes to the darwin bootloader, but vista is selected. How can I change this? Bob
  13. why should I upgrade to 10.5.2?

    OS fixes, security fixes? Might be 2 good reasons...
  14. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Has this update killed any1 else's reboot? My shutdown never worked properly, but since the update my comp doenst reboot either now. Heres the kexts i replaced AppleAHCIPort.kext IOAHCIFamily.kext IOATAFamily.kext AppleSMBios.kext
  15. @motho I've found a way to shutdown quite easily without using terminal, you may want to add this to your guide. The method is simple, log out, and press the shutdown button from here. Works 100% every time on my p35-ds3r.