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  1. INSTAHackintosh. Retail Patcher. LiveDVD mode

    awesome. There's ALOT of releases now... surely it's a good thing.
  2. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5.iso on AMD Turion 64

    Try some other releases.. that's what I used to do. edit: Or just buy an e-fix like me
  3. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Yeah, the Swiss company is REALLY good. They kept me up to date with the order status, and when it was shipped they gave me tracking information so I could track the package! Highly Recommended!
  4. IPhone Takes Screenshots of Everything You Do

    oh noes... all that porn I looked at, it's all stored Lol, just kidding. I dont have an iPhone yet i'm waiting to buy the Pay As you Go from O2
  5. Amsterdam Tests Residential 1Gbps Fiber

    It's like that in the UK too, except everywhere has broadband. We get 1-8meg broadband everywhere, through the phonelines. And places that are able to get cable tv can get 20meg. But now the UK is going Fibre meaning we'll get 100meg -1gb broadband next. It'll be the same for italy. Expect it to happen worldwide in the next 2-5 years.
  6. Amsterdam Tests Residential 1Gbps Fiber

    Dundee in Scotland is getting residential 100mb broadband within the next year or so. The UK's second "Fibe City" is gonna be Dundee. That's where i'm moving *hopefully* 1gb broadband is available everywhere but not publicly, only for businesses and such. 100mb broadband will do me for now, but I don't see why they don't just roll out the best fibre available, instead of bumping up the speed every few years or so. Laying down more cable and spending more money
  7. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    hmm, first comes the pics thanks andia! Andia, can you let us know how this baby works?
  8. Should I build a perfect Hackintosh, or buy an iMac?

    hmm thanks guys for your advice
  9. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I really want a Mac, but I don't want to pay £1500 for an iMac with mediocre specs. But I like the fact it's made by Apple, and guarunteed everything to work perfectly (ie. Updates etc..) However, on the other hand i'm considering building a Hackintosh with a Gigabyte board, and all the best hackintosh hardware. Which will be cheaper and more upgradable, with better specs. But with the Hackintosh, perhaps things will change and the hardware i'm using to run OSX may no longer work with OSX. And the updates no longer work. What do you suggest I do? Thanks!
  10. EFIX v.1 Now Shipping!

    I disagree, the previous thread was announcing EFIX. Most of the posts were just people flaming EFIX for not shipping and for posting no news. This thread deals with the launch of EFIX, and reviews etc... This way, if people want to find good information on EFIX, they wont have to search through pages and pages of "EFIX is a scam","When will EFIX launch","I give up on EFIX".
  11. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    That is old news, I posted it a few days ago
  12. EFIX v.1 Now Shipping!

    I just checked 5 mins ago on the EFIX website, and it's been updated saying they are now shipping v.1 to countries that don't yet have resellers! (USA,UK,Europe,Australia) etc...! _________________________________________________________________ EFiX™ V1 in stock now. To order EFiX™ V1 please use our contact form and submit the following: EFiX™ Type: V1 <li>Your Motherboard (and any HCL information per our HCL) <li>Desired Payment way: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union <li>Shipping address: A full address is necessary for shipping cost calculation Note: <li>We only sell EFiX™ V1 to consumers in countries which do not have resellers. To see the entire Resellers list please check our "Where To Buy" page in Products menu. <li>Shipping will commence only upon our reception of payment. __________________________________________ http://www.efi-x.com/index.php?language=english Hmmm...
  13. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    OMG BREAKING NEWS! EFIX IS NOW SHIPPING THE EFIX V.1 THEMSELVES! http://www.efi-x.com/index.php?language=english E-fix are now shipping the efix v.1 to countries who don't have resellers *RIGHT NOW* Here we gooooo!! I myself am now saving up for an iMac, so an efix would now be pointless lol.
  14. I read joeventura's posts and found he tried the JAS 10.5.4 distro, and the problem he had with it. He also mentioned the other distro's he's used. But I assume he's just looking for answers to the problems he has with Jas's distro. If not, I agree with you 100% Joeventura, like shoarthing I agree. DO NOT DISCUSS PROBLEMS WITH OTHER DISTRO'S on this thread!