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  1. Working perfectly with 10.6.4 Board intel DG31PR Sound Card - SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Onboard ALC888 disabled in BIOS Using version 1.111b0 of the Kx driver iTunes,iChat, Y!Messenger and Adium had sound VLC, Plex and Movist had 5.1 surround sound (aggregate device with 8 channels) Thank you Eugene! You're the man!
  2. 10.5.7 Released

    Yes! Samsung SyncMaster T220 working (DVI connection) on 9800 GT EFI String set to 8800 GT using EFI Studio running on 10.5.7
  3. Hello everyone I have updated to 10.5.5 downloaded the modified IO802011Family.kext from this thread Installed Apple Airport Extreme Update 2008004 (requires 10.5.5) I now have a working Wifi in OSX 10.5.5 It IS CONSISTENT now. Here's what I do Always turn off AirPort BEFORE you shutdown Turn Airport on when you boot, then scan LET IT FINISH! Run KisMac (driver AirPort Extreme passive mode), networks should start appearing close KisMac and scan using the AirPort Icon, connect to your wireless network If it does not work, SHUTDOWN (not restart) and start over. Remember to turn off Airport before you do I have it working 99.99% of the time Thank you all
  4. Got it to work on 10.5.4 but only briefly. Downloaded the 80211Family kext Installed it via KextHelper Repaired permissions Reboot Run KisMac (Airport Extreme Passive mode) KisMac, found some networks Exited Kismac then scanned for Network. It connected to a WPA network When it works, it works flawlessly. But, it is not consistent. When you reboot there is a 99% chance that it would not work. Best bet is to shutdown then try again Thanks everyone