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  1. i just bought the 27 inch less than two weeks ago....totally worth it!
  2. g0dmachine08

    Aspire One D257

    i havent used dsdt, ive been tinkering with osx86 for a few years but there still are a few things im new at. and unfortunately for me, it seems as though i never have all the right hardware to get everything working perfectly, this netbook is the closest thing i have to a perfect hackintosh, i have a tower, ECS A780GM-A that i cant go any higher than 10.5.8 with as well, but everything works and its pretty stable, kinda hard to buy and build any more, having a family made me put my toys aside for a while , though i still have a pretty good arsenal
  3. g0dmachine08

    Aspire One D257

    running 10.7.2 perfectly on my D257, except two things id like to workout, one being the sd card reader, ive tried several kexts to no avail, and the second, does anyone know how to get the fn brightness keys to work? Edit: one thing i forgot to mention, sometimes when i unplug or plug it into power it crashes and i have to reboot, any ideas?
  4. DVD boots up....doesnt have any of my drivers though... ECS 780GM-A Phenom x4 9600 4gb Gskill RAM 1066Mhz IDT onboard HD audio SB700 i can install it...but when i try to boot the installed system it say Mac os version not set, and hangs...any insight?
  5. mine says still waiting for root device....what can i do...im a noob to the hackintosh scene btw